What are Some Different Bathroom Faucet Styles?

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There are so many different bathroom faucet styles available today that you are bound to find one that suits your ideal bathroom design. Many of the modern tap designs are quite creative and feature part of the top of the faucet open so that the water flows out in sort of a waterfall effect. Some of these even feature tiny lights along the open edges. Vintage, Victorian and art deco bathroom faucet styles are also popular looks.

For example, a romantic old-fashioned bathroom with a claw foot bathtub would probably look great with vintage or Victorian style sink taps. One of the more modern, creative bathroom faucet styles is likely to look out of place or mismatched with a claw foot bath tub. An eclectic decor could be possible though, depending on how the other details of the bathroom design, such as the walls and flooring, are decorated.

Art deco bathroom faucet styles can look quite elegant and may be brushed nickel with large handles. Mirror or mirror tiles may be part of an art deco look for the bathroom. An elegant sink such as a clear glass bowl type could complete the glamorous art deco look.


High arc bathroom faucet styles can add both elegance and drama to a bathroom since these types of taps are tall and stand out in their design. The spout forms a deep curve. Gooseneck sink taps are a type of high arc style. High arc faucets are also called high neck styles. These kinds of bathroom faucets may work best with deep sinks and bowl shaped sinks.

The open-top bathroom faucet styles that give a waterfall effect usually work well with Asian style bathrooms such those with a Zen theme. Natural elements such as wood, bamboo and stone can complete the organic look. Shades of water colors such as green can add a soothing look to compliment the style.

The lighted open-top bathroom faucet styles can look stunning in an ultra modern bathroom with clean lines and lots of metal. You can also find unique modern faucet shapes such as the blade look. Blade faucet styles are rectangular, flat metal pieces that attach to the wall. They are shaped like a razor blade and the water flows through the center.


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