What are Some Different Advertising Careers?

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The different advertising careers such as account services, creative services, media planning and market research don't necessarily require an advertising degree. Completing at least some advertising courses, if another type of degree or diploma program is chosen, may be a good idea. Senior jobs in account services may require a bachelor's or master's of business administration, while copywriters and designers in creative advertising jobs may have an English, journalism, arts, communications or advertising degree. Both media planners and market researchers need to study demographics and should understand how to analyze statistical data into relevant information about a client's target audience. Education in math, psychology and statistics is helpful in research-based advertising careers.

Market research advertising jobs focus on understanding the buying habits and other characteristics of the target market. Market researchers may test consumers' reactions to an advertising campaign by interviewing them to ask their opinions on ad copy. Market research advertising careers often begin in entry-level assistant researcher positions.

Advertising media planners are mainly responsible for buying ad space or television time such as for commercials. Media planning advertising careers concentrate on how to reach the target audience through the best media channels in a cost effective way. Assistant media planners have entry-level jobs and report to media planning managers or supervisors. Media planning staff must have good computer skills.


Graphic designers design advertising copy. Junior graphic designers have entry-level advertising careers and usually report to senior designers with four or more years of experience. Junior designers may help in layouts of ad copy and in creation of storyboards for television commercials. A strong ability to convey ideas visually is an important quality for graphic design advertising jobs.

Copywriters write ad copy. Junior copywriters are entry-level writers and may report to senior copywriters with four or more years of experience. Junior copywriters may begin by editing copy or conceptualizing catchy headlines or product slogans. Advertising copywriting careers require a curious, creative mind and communication skills that reach out to the target market and compel it to take a desired action. This action could be to purchase a product, click on something in a website ad or mail in a sweepstakes entry.

Creative directors oversee both the graphic design and the ad copy. The senior graphic designer and senior copywriter usually report to the creative director. In some advertising agencies, becoming a creative director may require seven or more years of experience either in copywriting or graphic design.

Account services departments in advertising agencies are usually run by a senior manager or vice president. An assistant account executive is an entry-level advertising job in this department with an account executive being the next step. Account executive advertising careers focus on creating strategic services to get the best results possible for an ad agency's clients. Account executives should have excellent communication skills and understand how to use advertising tools and statistics effectively to provide the best strategic results for the client's ads.


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