What are Some Craft Projects for Beginners?

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Creating craft projects is a popular pastime and can be a great way for those with busy lifestyles to slow down and spend some time with a relaxing activity. Craft projects need not be overly complex to be satisfying and there are many craft projects perfect for beginners. A knitted scarf, rubber stamped picture frames, handmade greeting cards, handmade jewelry and small cross stitching projects can all be fun and easy craft projects for beginners.

Knitted scarves are the perfect craft projects for beginners interested in learning to knit as the sizing does not have to be exact. Many simple patterns are available in yarn and craft stores and an attractive scarf can be made by repeating just one stitch and with just one color of yarn. Big needles and chunky yarn knit up really fast and make wonderfully textured scarves.

Rubber stamped picture frames are easy and practical craft projects for beginners. They make wonderful gifts and require just some inexpensive wood frames, paint and a few rubber stamps. Beginners can paint the frames and then lightly dip rubber stamps, or potato stamps made from carving designs in pieces of raw potato, in other colors or shades of the frame color and then stamp the design onto the frame. This is a no-fail project because if any unwanted paint marks occur on the frames, the craft project need not be ruined as the frames can be repainted and re-stamped.


Handmade greeting cards are a fun and quick craft project and can be made from scrapbooking and other paper supplies. You can find 'how to' books or just have fun coming up with your own original greeting card ideas. You can make unique and thoughtful cards for all occasions.

Jewelry making craft projects are ideal for beginners of all ages as they can be as simple as putting beads on a string. You can use beading thread, dental floss or fishing line for necklaces and elastic thread for bracelets. Jewelry craft projects often make wonderful gifts and you can collect beads that you love when you find them and use them later in your craft projects.

Cross stitching is not that difficult as you only need to learn one basic stitch. You can choose between stamped cross stitch designs and counted cross stitch craft projects. There are many small cross stitch pictures and designs that make easy to do craft projects for beginners.


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Post 4

We went to a party at my friends house, and her daughters were making flower pens out of duck tape. I had no idea there were so many colorful choices and patterns of duck tape. All I had ever used was the traditional gray color.

I discovered they come in bright colors of purple, pink, blue, green, yellow and many kinds of interesting patterns. These pens are covered in the tape and a flower is made from the duck tape and inserted at the top.

I am always amazed at all the different kids craft projects that can be made from everyday things you have around the house.

Post 3

One of the simplest projects I did with young children was to make snowman craft projects. There are so many things you can use for the body of the snowman, and even more things you can find to decorate them with.

Many times we would use the styrofoam balls for the body. I purchased several different pieces of colored felt to make hats, scarves and clothing. You can find many recycled pieces of odds and ends around your house for decorations. We also used old buttons, beads and even candy!

Post 2

My daughter and her friends had a lot of fun decorating their own flip flops. This was an inexpensive craft project idea that I first saw on a blog site. Then one day when I was in Hobby Lobby they had several free instructional sheets showing different ways you could decorate your flip flops.

One of their favorites was to cut off strips of colorful bandannas and tie them along the full length of the straps. They also used an assortment of beads and ribbon for special touches.

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