What are Some Craft Ideas for Children's Birthday Parties?

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Crafts made during children's birthday parties should be quick and simple. Most kids enjoy creating crafts and having a fast, but fun, project available at a birthday party can help keep things interesting. Of course, the younger the children, the easier the project should be.

Preschoolers aged three to five usually like any type of craft project as long as it involves a lot of color and it's not frustrating to do. Many craft stores sell large bags of mixed craft supplies like pipe cleaners, large glitter, foam shapes and large beads. Even something as simple as helping young children decorate paper plates that have been shaped beforehand to look like butterflies can be a good birthday party craft project. Parents should make sure that the children are old enough to know not to put craft supplies in their mouths. They should help their children with the crafts as well, and supervise the activity.

Good craft ideas for children's birthday parties for kids aged six and older may include painting T-shirts and/or sneakers. Hosts could even specify on the invitation that kids should bring old sneakers and/or a shirt to paint and then provide all of the fabric paints and brushes needed. Individual models that kids can build together or simple jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets, are other great craft ideas, if you provide all of the materials.


The host can use painter's drop cloths to cover the table and the floor under it when the crafts involve any kind of painting or gluing. Not only will this protect the furniture, but it will make clean up easier. It's best to feature the crafts at the beginning of the party to help give less talkative kids something to focus on and provide some opportunities for interaction and discussion. Some adults can supervise a more active game with the kids after the crafts while other adults clean up, which can vary the activity level of the party to keep children interested and also keep the mess under control.


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Post 4

Greenweaver-I usually have the children create a nice picture frame craft that they can give their parents.

That is what I use as a keepsake for the party. It is really easy and the parent’s love it. They tend to remember the childrens party that way.

Post 3

Sunshine31- You know that's a really good idea. What I love about children's parties are the birthday games.

I like to give out prizes for the children and they tend to get really excited. What I do at the end of the party, is I let the kids pick a prize so that they don't feel left out because they did not win.

The prize is usually something comparable to what was given initially. I also don't like to do piñatas. I feel that children become too competitive and not the smaller children get left out and get less candy it makes him feel bad.

What I do instead is, I offer a bag of candy to all of the children that attend. This way everybody gets the same amount and no one feels bad.

Post 2

SauteePan- I think that is a great idea. The kids birthday party ideas for a girl should include a princess theme. A great princess birthday party idea is to have the little girls come dressed in their princess costumes when they come to the party, this will also enhance the theme of the party and create a little excitement.

Some of the birthday supplies that you can buy for such a party would include tiara crowns and colored glitter that you can sprinkle on the tables. The crowns can also be given to all of the girls that attend the party as a party favor.

Many party venues can actually create a princess themed party for you and take care of all of the arrangements including the birthday party invitations for the kids. This way you don't have to worry about the cleanup after the party, and you don't have to worry about the planning aspects of the party.

Post 1

Kid’s birthday party ideas should usually include a birthday theme. This makes the kids birthday party easier to plan.

For example, when planning a pirate themed birthday party you can include pirate birthday party invitations for the kids, decorate the tables with treasure chests, and provide the children with pirate gear to wear.

You can also buy pirate themed music and play it as the children do their arts and crafts activities or party games. This background music helps to really create a pirate mood for the children.

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