What are Some Craft Decor Ideas for a Cottage?

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Craft decor ideas for a cottage can be a lot of fun because you can be as playful and creative as you'd like. A cottage is the place for a comfy, casual style and just about anything goes. It's a good idea to stick to one theme even if you're going for a whimsical look, but don't be afraid to use your imagination and your favorite colors.

The great thing about craft decor ideas for a cottage is that they offer a good opportunity to try some new crafts. If you make a mistake or there's a little chipped paint here and there it's not going to matter that much. Unlike crafting decor items for a more formal living space, small imperfections usually only add charm in a cottage environment.

You can also pretty much get away with colors that may not work in your regular home. For instance, cool, pastel dinner mint tones of pink, green and yellow don't blend in with most decorating looks today, but can add a casual breezy feel to a summer home. For a warmer summer cottage look, you could try sherbet tones in orange, raspberry or lime. Try not to go too bright in color intensity even in a cottage unless you use bursts of unexpected colors in small areas. The idea is to have a comfortable and liveable space.


Once you've chosen a color scheme for your cottage, you can think of some items to make. Some great craft decor ideas for a cottage include stencil-painting designs on stair risers, making a mural wall, making sun catchers for the windows and creating pretty curtains for each room. Plan your projects ahead so that you're sure you'll have everything you need at the cottage.

Spending time on craft decor ideas for a cottage can be something you can do on your own to relax or with friends or family for something fun to do. Remember that if you're creating the decor items with others you may lose some creative control, so anything at the cottage that you really want crafted in a certain way may be best done by you alone. But either alone or with others, spending the day at the cottage working on fun craft items that also liven up the decor can be both entertaining and productive!


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After my oldest son left home I decided to turn his bedroom into a guest room with cottage appeal. The first thing I did was paint the whole room a creamy yellow with ivory trim.

Since I couldn't afford to buy new furniture to create the cottage look, I decided to turn his very basic pine furniture into cottage furniture. It was so easy, I was shocked by the final product.

I painted the brown pine bed frame, dresser and side tables with the same creamy color of the trim. I added a few decorative pieces with glue to the bed frame and dresser drawers and then painted over them. The furniture seemed to take on a whole

new attitude of Norwegian Country — Simple, yet elegant, and fresh.

I also added beautiful new dresser pulls that I found at a local World Market, adding an extra punch of color and depth to the room. I matched the pulls to the fabric of the curtains and comforter, and Voila, the room looked like a dreamy, country cottage.

I bought paint, dresser pulls and the wooden decorative pieces for a total of $60 to redecorate the entire room. I brought in the comforter from my winter stash of extra blankets and other pieces from around my house. This project was so easy, it was really all about the paint!

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