What are Some Blackhead Removal Methods?

B. Miller

Blackheads, or comedones, occur when pores on the face become clogged with oil in the skin known as sebum. They are a common problem for those with oily or combination skin, and can be very difficult to get rid of. There are some blackhead removal methods to try, however, that may be effective at getting rid of existing blackheads and at preventing new ones from forming.

There are a variety of products to remove blackheads, such as scrubs and cleansers.
There are a variety of products to remove blackheads, such as scrubs and cleansers.

The first method of blackhead removal is to use a deep cleansing, exfoliating scrub. Used regularly, a soap-free facial cleanser can help dissolve blackheads in the pores without damaging the surrounding skin. An exfoliating scrub may be used once or twice a week to attempt to remove persistent blackheads. When applying moisturizer to the face, choose a gentle moisturizer that is oil-free and will not clog the pores.

It's important to keep skin clean to minimize blackheads, but overcleansing can increase oil production.
It's important to keep skin clean to minimize blackheads, but overcleansing can increase oil production.

Of course, sometimes simply cleansing the skin is simply not an effective blackhead removal method. Many people find it impossible to resist squeezing the blackhead in order to remove it. Though this method should be avoided because it can actually make the blackhead worse and cause scarring, if it is absolutely necessary to squeeze, there are some tips to remember.

First, place a warm washcloth over the blackhead for a few minutes to loosen it. Then, using a cotton ball or tissue around the fingers, press around the sides of the blackhead and up. Do not scrape the skin with the fingernails, and if this method does not work in one or two tries, stop for the day and try again the next day. Continued pressure can force the oil deeper into the pores and make it worse.

Some department stores and drugstores sell blackhead extractor or blackhead eraser tools, which use a similar method and may be slightly more sanitary. Sticky strips that adhere to the face and are then pulled off for blackhead removal are not recommended, as they can damage the skin. For natural methods of blackhead removal, some people recommend the application of honey, lemon juice, baking soda and water, or even grated potatoes directly to the skin. After applying any of these to the skin, simply wait for approximately ten to 15 minutes and wash it off; the blackheads should dissolve.

Be sure not to over-cleanse the face, which can encourage the overproduction of oil and make blackheads worse. Try to find a gentle cleanser designed for oily skin. In addition, remember to always wash makeup off at the end of the day to prevent blackheads from forming.

Using an exfoliant can help clean out pores.
Using an exfoliant can help clean out pores.

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@ysmina-- Are you opening your pores before you try these products? You need to use a hot towel on your face or take a hot shower before you try any blackhead removal methods or they won't be very effective.

Try using a facial scrub in the shower. I found this to be a very effective method.

If you have very stubborn blackheads, you might also want to visit a skin care salon. Many salons have a professional blackhead removal suction. I had it done once, the suction is very powerful and sucks out all blackheads.


I have not found a blackhead removal method that is one hundred percent effective yet and I've tried almost everything. I've tried masks, scrubs, special cleansers, blackhead removal tools and strips. None of these removed all of my blackheads, some of them were absolutely worthless.


I usually use my fingers to squeeze out blackheads. But I realized that when I do this, my face hurts and I get nail marks on my skin. My sister who is studying to be a nurse also told me that I can cause broken capillaries that way.

So the other day, instead of using my fingers, I took two clean cotton swabs and used those instead. The swabs removed the blackheads much more easily and there were no nail marks! I could see the blackheads at the tip.

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