What are Some Baby Shower Gifts I can Make?

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Nice baby shower gifts are usually fairly easy to find in stores. They can be even more appreciated when you make the extra effort to create them yourself, however. Photo albums and scrapbooks, picture frames, stuffed animals, wall hangings, and knitted or crocheted items can all be special shower gifts. Items that are made by hand are likely to be cherished by the lucky parents-to-be.

Photo albums can make perfect baby shower gifts, and you can create a scrapbooking photo album for the new parents to be. Decorate the album pages with cute baby motifs and leave space on each page for them to insert their photos. If you want to use lettering on the pages, you could have text that reads "Home from the hospital," "Baby's first bath," and other milestones. A nice touch is to include some extra scrapbooking supplies in the back of the book so that the new parents can keep adding to the album.

Padded picture frames are a great touch for the nursery and are easy to make. All you need is a bit of foam to pad a frame, scraps of fabric to cover it, and ribbon to finish it. You can add cute motifs such as curly yarn sheep. Wooden picture frames also make nice baby shower gifts if you paint them and add painted wood cut-outs in fun nursery-inspired designs.


Stuffed animals are classic baby shower gifts and hand-made ones can be extra special. You could even make a creative diaper bag that looks like a stuffed animal by adding a stuffed animal head, feet and a tail to a plain bag. Booties with little stuffed animal heads on them also make cute baby shower gifts.

Wall hangings are another nice idea. Whether you do quilting, needlepoint, or another craft, there are lots of great wall hanging patterns available for nurseries. For one-of-a-kind gifts, you can come up with your own designs as well.

Hand-made knitted or crocheted baby blankets and outfits often make welcome and cherished baby shower gifts. Hats and booties are quick to make and are adorable when accompanied with a coordinating baby-sized cardigan sweater. Since knitted and crocheted baby items are fairly lightweight and can be folded, they're a great choice when baby shower gifts need to be mailed.


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Making a baby blanket is easy. You just need some blanket material and binding. If you can run a straight stitch on a sewing machine, you can make a baby blanket.

Get enough material to cover a crib in a nice print. Make sure it's a good, soft material that won't irritate the baby's skin. Next, turn down a quarter inch of material all around the edges and sew that down to finish the edges and keep them from fraying.

Get the blanket binding and sew it on the edges of the blanket, either with a machine using a straight or zig-zag stitch, or by hand using a blanket stitch. You can find instructions on making this stitch online. Bind all four sides of the blanket, and you're done. You can also see instructions on how to miter the corners so they look neat. This is an inexpensive, always welcome gift that nearly anyone can make.

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