What are Some Antibacterial Products?

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People today are concerned about controlling the amount and type of bacteria they encounter. For this reason, a number of different types of antibacterial products are on the market today. Some are designed for personal hygiene while others are geared toward keeping the home clean and fresh. Here are some examples of different antibacterial products available these days.

If an individual only has one type of antibacterial product in the home, chances are that product is soap. Whether as a bar or liquid soap, antibacterial soaps are usually kept near the bathroom sink, making them ideal for washing the hands and face. Soaps of this type are also sometimes kept in the kitchen, where anyone preparing food can quickly wash the hands before beginning any type of cooking activity.

Antibacterial hygiene products are not limited to hand soaps. There are also body washes that are ideal for use in the shower, as well as bath bars that are specially formulated for use with a tub bath. Even products like toothpaste, mouthwash, and deodorant sometimes contain triclosan, a synthetic compound that is known to have antibacterial qualities.

There are also a number of antibacterial household products as well. Cleansers designed for use with countertops, shower stalls, and floors are often infused with antibacterial ingredients. The idea is to minimize bacteria on all sorts of surfaces that people touch frequently, including telephones, tabletops, and shower doors.


Some of these antibacterial cleaning products are in the form of pastes or liquids that are poured onto a surface, then used to remove the buildup of any dirt or grime that may contain harmful bacteria. Other cleaning products are formulated as liquids that are housed in spray pumps. Spraying a fine mist over bedding and other textiles in the house is thought to minimize surface bacteria. Some of these spray mists are also considered helpful in killing airborne bacteria as well.

Along with cleaning agents, antibacterial products designed as cleaning tools are also available. Sponges and scrubbers are sometimes treated with chemicals to kill off any lingering bacteria after the tools are used for cleaning.

There is some controversy regarding how practical antibacterial products are in today’s world. Proponents of these types of products point to the fact that minimizing the amount of harmful bacteria on our hands and the surfaces we touch regularly can only mean a healthier lifestyle. Opponents to these types of cleaners and personal hygiene products note that even if the product kills bacteria, people are immediately contaminated the next time they touch something. This is thought to make using antibacterial products no more useful than using any type of cleaning agent.


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