What are Some Anniversary Gift Ideas?

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Whether you are celebrating your anniversary with your spouse or wanting to give a lovely couple you know a gift for their anniversary, there are anniversary gift ideas that are sure to please. These ideas can fall into the realm of two categories; gifts given by spouses to each other, and gifts given to a couple. The first category may be very different than the second.

If you are giving a gift to your spouse, the single most important thing is getting a gift that reflects your knowledge of what your spouse would really like. After one year or significantly more of marriage, this should not be too great of a problem, and some couples prefer to not give gifts and take a romantic trip together, or give each other small gifts. An anniversary gift usually is appreciated when it leans toward the romantic. Gift ideas that evoke romance include things like jewelry, glassware engraved with the date of the anniversary, or tasteful lingerie. Some men may more appreciate gifts that are tied into their interests like tickets to sporting events, but what you get really depends upon what you think your spouse would like best.


Not all anniversary gift ideas cost tons of money, and if you have a small budget, there are some lovely gifts you can give your spouse that won’t break the piggy bank. Write a love poem to your spouse and have it framed for a few dollars. Plant a beautiful rose in your backyard that will give flowers most of the year. Make a special dinner, or offer I.O.U. coupons for chores. Truly it is the thought that counts more than the dollar amount you spend.

For people looking for anniversary gift ideas to give to a couple, there are traditional and modern lists that suggest gifts based on anniversary year. For instance, year one is “paper” in traditional lists. You could get a couple anything to do with paper, like stationary or coffee table books. Tickets to films, shows or even for trips count as paper too. The modern gift for a first anniversary is a wall clock, but there are only so many wall clocks a new couple wants to receive.

Many year based anniversary gift ideas can be drawn from either traditional or modern lists, and you can access these lists easily online. Yet you don’t have to stick with either list. If you’re planning to get a gift for a couple, draw on your knowledge of the couple to inform your choice, and perhaps give a gift that emphasizes a little romance. You could, for instance, make a lovely picnic basket of foods to be shared on a romantic day out: include the basket, utensils, crackers, cheeses, and a bottle of wine (alcoholic or not).

Gift certificates to be used at movie theaters, bookstores, home supply or department stores, and others are also great anniversary gift ideas. Consider other things like a gifts for a couple’s massage, a pretty piece of glassware, a print admired by the couple, or household items that are the newest rage like espresso machines. If the couple has young children, offer them a night out with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant and babysitting services.

Another of the popular anniversary gift ideas is to give a gift from all the grown children in the family or all the couple’s friends. This takes a little organization, but with everyone contributing, you can give the couple something fantastic, like a cruise to their favorite location, a night out in the city to see a show, or some beautiful ornament for their home. Throwing parties for a couple, especially by the couple’s children is another charming gift idea. Anniversaries represent a couple’s continuing commitment to each other, and that fact, especially in a world where marriage is not always taken so seriously, is reason enough to celebrate with a lavish party.


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Post 3

What a thoughtful idea, I also think that jewelry makes a great one year anniversary gift idea.

A 1 year anniversary gift idea can include a silver band that is engraved with the anniversary year.

For example, it can be engraved with the date and a dash of the numerical anniversary year that it is, like 1st or 2nd. This way you always remember what was given to you at each anniversary. This is also nice romantic anniversary gift idea.

Post 2

Comfyshoes- I agree with you. I like receiving gifts that are romantic. They just don't have to be expensive to be special.

For example, a great first-anniversary gift idea could be that sheet music from the song that you and your spouse danced for your first dance at your wedding.

If this song is particularly rare, it will be even more meaningful. For example, when I got married our song of choice was to “The Very Thought of You” by Nat King Cole. This song has special meaning for me, so if I hear it or see it in print he would automatically remind me of my wedding.

Also, if you go to a restaurant with a piano bar, you might be able to request your special song. This will also be memorable and a great wedding anniversary gift idea for any anniversary.

Post 1

Romantic anniverary gift ideas include jewelry or crystal. Both jewelry and crystal can be engraved with not only the date of the anniversary but a brief romantic message.

This will make the gift timeless and one that you want to cherish over the years. Additional gifts can be given, but the primary gift should be sentimental and one that you always remember.

The problem with gift certificates is that they are disposable, and while they do create memories, if it is gift certificate to a restaurant for example, it is not the type of gift for n anniversary. That type of gift is best for a birthday.

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