What are Snowbirds?

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Snowbirds are people who leave their homes when the temperature drops and head south to warmer climates. They are mostly retirees and business owners who can afford to take the winter off. While the snow flies in the Northern states, they are enjoying golf, sailing, and barbecues in mild temperatures in the South. Then, after winter passes, they return to their homes in the North.

Most snowbirds leave Canada and the Northern states between the middle of October and the end of November. They pack up and head to Florida, Alabama, Texas, California, and all of the other Southern states. Some may even go as far as Australia or Italy to escape the cold winter weather. There are special communities for snowbirds in many areas. Snowbirds are also offered special discounts to some restaurants, hotels, and area attractions. Several states even have special snowbird resorts. There are several online communities and local resources to help snowbirds get set in their seasonal homes.


Some snowbirds own homes in both the South and in the North. Both homes have everything they will need for their stay, minimizing the amount of packing necessary when moving from one to the other. Other snowbirds will rent condos or apartments for the duration of their stay outside of their home state. Hotels and resorts, although usually more expensive than other options, sometimes have special deals available for snowbirds. This option is great for people who want to be able to move from place to place during their stay in a warmer climate.

Recreational vehicles, or RVs, are a huge part of the snowbird lifestyle. RVs allow snowbirds to move from place to place on a whim, bringing everything they need with them. They spend nights in RV parks, large parking lots, or anywhere else they choose to stay. RVs have beds, bathrooms, and most other modern conveniences available in a regular home. Although the spaces are small, there is more than enough room for a couple to live in.

Snowbirds enjoy the best of what weather has to offer. They avoid the cold winters of the Northern states by moving south for several months. When the South starts to heat up in the spring and summer, they move back to the North. They enjoy mild weather year round, and get to see a lot of new places. The snowbird lifestyle is perfect for people who want to see the country, or the world, in their retirement years.


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Palm Springs in California is such a Snowbird area. Many people from colder climates in United States, but also from Canada either rent condos, or some buy their own and spend their winters there. The climate is perfect especially in winter. The summers are much too hot, but winters are warm and sunny. A very pleasant way to spend winter months sitting by the swimming pool.

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