What are Silk Flowers?

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Silk flowers are often stunningly realistic, despite being made from silk. They make an excellent economic and aesthetic alternative to the real thing, especially for areas that are easily soiled by real flowers, such as glass tabletops, entryways and bedrooms. They are also great choice for areas that could be damaged by spilled water, including the computer desk. They can brighten the office and stay just as fresh when you're away on a business trip or vacation, as when you're hard at work.

Quality silk flowers are designed with exquisite attention to detail making them difficult to tell from the real thing, no matter how closely admired. From pistons to petals, carpals to stems, nothing about them looks artificial. You'll be tempted to smell them, and for those who believe they're real, that will likely be the only thing that gives their secret away. At times, lesser quality silk flowers may have visible seams upon close inspection.


Virtually every type of common flower can be purchased singularly or in bunches from crafts stores. Mix and match to make your own flower arrangements of any size or sort. Silk plants, ferns and other bouquet fillers, and a variety of other items are also available to mix with your flowers. Change colors and types of flowers for seasonal ambiance, with bouquets of bright summer daisies, orange autumn sprays, red winter pointsetta and splashes of spring flowers. Trim stems to size and place the flowers in a vase, basket or other decorative container. A large arrangement in an urn looks great in almost any corner.

To care for silk flowers, a weekly dusting with canned air will keep the flowers looking new and fresh. If you rotate arrangements, store the off-season flowers in a plastic bag slipped into a protective box so they won't get crushed.

If you lack the knack for throwing together a nice arrangement, you can purchase virtually any kind of silk flower bouquet ready-made. Some silk flowers even come in "glass vases with water," adding a further touch of authenticity, though the vases are actually acrylic and non-spill.

Having a wedding? Garlands, swags of stephanotis of various lengths, (stephanotis resembles white honeysuckle vine with white berries), wreaths and flowered vine rings to surround candleholders are all available. A silk bride's bouquet of ivory roses can last a lifetime.

Silk flowers make a great gift, brightening up anyone's home, yard - even hospital room. Enjoy orchids, tiger lilies, roses, carnations, or your favorite blossom all year round. Green thumbs not required!


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I recently got a whole bag full of silk flowers at a garage sale. There were literally hundreds of flowers in this bag so I threw out the bad ones and turned the rest in to one gigantic arrangement that I have in the center of my coffee table.

It looks like an explosion of color. I tried to put it together thinking more like an artist than a florist.

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