What are Shower Screens?

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A shower screen is used to enclose a shower and is typically made of glass or plastic. They are most commonly seen in Europe in both showers that act primarily as tubs as well as stand-alone showers, although stand-alone units more commonly have shower doors. Shower screens come in a variety of materials, quality, and price range.

The cheapest and easiest way to enclose a shower is to use what’s commonly referred to as a shower curtain. It is available at most drug and consumer market stores. They are usually made of plastic of some kind and come in a variety of colors and opaqueness. In addition to being inexpensive, they also give space to the bathroom because they can be pulled away and opened. The disadvantage is that they gather mold and mildew rather easily.

Shower screens are often not only easier to clean than shower curtains, but last longer without the higher price of a sliding or regular shower door. In addition, sliding shower doors can be also hard to clean because they can be hard to reach. A shower screen can provide ease of cleaning as well as a cheaper solution than shower doors.


A common type of shower screen is the fold-out screen. These types of screens typically resemble an accordion and can usually fold back to be close to the wall. They typically run along a track along the bottom of the tub or shower and can also add space to a bathroom since they fold back. Fold-out screens come in a variety of shapes and can have two or more folds. They can be made from plastic, glass, or a combination of the two, and can be portable.

The most common type of shower screen is the glass shower screen. Glass shower screens can be either opaque or totally transparent, and usually mount on the wall or the bottom of the shower or tub, although there are portable glass shower screens as well. A transparent shower screen can add much more space to a bathroom, and is more often seen in higher end bathrooms that have a lot of tile or marble, where the glass shower screen can act like a showcase of the design.

There are ranges of quality with regards to glass shower screens. The glass used in construction, where it was made, and which company produced the screen can all factor into the quality. Shower screens made in a factory for apartment buildings will probably not have the same level of quality as one specially designed for a home. Regardless of differences in quality, durability, and style, the important thing is that a shower screen keeps the water out and offer, if desired, a sense of privacy.


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