What are Scottish Eggs?

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In the movie So I Married an Axe Murderer, Mike Myers' character comments that he thinks "most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare." Scottish eggs seem at first glance to fall into that category, but are surprisingly tasty. Scottish eggs, or Scotch eggs, are not for those who are averse to eating meat, as they basically consist of hard-boiled eggs, ground beef or sausage, and bread crumbs.

Much of Scotland's native cuisine is hearty, rather than low-fat or vegetarian, making it ideal for those who may not have to worry as much about cholesterol or weight gain. Scottish eggs are no different. Not for vegetarians, a cross-section of typical Scottish eggs will have hard-boiled eggs in the middle, surrounded by a layer of ground sausage meat, and finally a layer of breadcrumbs. The entire concoction is then fried in oil.

The first ingredient is, of course, hard-boiled eggs. After cooking, the eggs should be peeled and chilled. While the eggs are being refrigerated, the sausage meat can be prepared. Approximately one pound of sausage meat is needed for each half-dozen eggs. The sausage meat can be mixed with spices and seasonings such as mace, pepper, parsley, sage, and salt, in a combination suiting the cook's taste.


The next step in making the eggs is to take the peeled, chilled hard-boiled eggs and roll them in just a little bit of flour, although some cooks skip this step. The prepared sausage meat is then divided into equal portions, one portion for each egg. The meat concoction is wrapped and pressed around each egg, so that the eggs are uniformly covered by a layer of sausage meat, with no holes. This step is crucial in producing an appetizing result, so make sure there are no gaps in the sausage mixture.

A raw egg should be beaten, and used to coat the sausage-covered eggs. Each egg is then rolled in breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs may need to be pressed onto the meat, depending on how well they do or do not stick. The eggs are then deep-fried in hot oil which has reached 360° F (185° C) for five to six minutes. Make sure that the outside layer is golden brown and the sausage is fully cooked.

For those who don't own deep fat fryers, the eggs can be fried in oil in a deep frying pan. The eggs should be turned often to ensure even cooking. Scottish eggs can be served hot, after the oil is drained from them. Blotting excess oil from the eggs with a paper towel is also helpful. If the eggs are to be served cold, they can be kept in the refrigerator and heated up later, or served as a cold snack.

Scottish eggs are a great picnic food, and can also be served as an hors d'oeuvre or a side dish. For those wishing to cook or sample Scottish cuisine without resorting to haggis, Scottish eggs are an excellent introduction.


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Scottish eeggs are wonderful I had them with jimmy deans hot sauage and puff pastry or crescent rolls. They are very good, pre spiced sauage and prepackaged rolls do speed up the process somewhat.

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