What are Sales Quotes?

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Sales quotes are a motivational tool that is aimed at encouraging people involved in the sales process to progress in their understanding and development of their sales strategies and skills. These motivational quotes are actually presented in several distinct types, with the management team for the sales department often offering a rotating selection of quotes. Both seasoned salespeople and novices that are new to sales jobs often find inspiration and motivation from sales quotes.

One of the more common varieties of sales quotes are known as informational sales quotes. This types of quotes are usually selected from writings and recorded speeches made by speakers and instructors who school people in the art of selling. The quotes are designed to be brief while still providing the reader with an idea that can be incorporated into the overall sales approach, or used to enhance the reader’s ability to effective utilize some aspect of the sales cycle. Sales quotes of this type are usually no more than three sentences and normally leave the reader with the motivation to test what he or she has just read.


Along with informational sales quotes, inspirational quotes for sales are very popular. Quotes of this type are especially helpful when a salesperson appears to have reached an impasse in the sales cycle and is losing confidence in the ability to move forward. Inspirational quotes often help to renew the sense of being able to accomplish the task, to overcome objections, and to maintain a positive attitude even if the prospect is not moving closer to a sell as quickly as the salesperson would like. These inspirational sales quotes help to lift the salesperson out of a sense of self-doubt and despair and renew him or her to keep working for the sale.

Famous sales quotes are also one of the most popular types of sales quotes. These quotations are usually from someone who is well known for their sales techniques and successes with making sales even in the face of adversity. Often, a famous sales quote is from someone who was a pioneer in an emerging industry where the consumer base had to be cultivated before the industry could take off. At other times, the famous quote may be from a contemporary who is well known across industry lines for his or her ability to generate sales even when the general economy is flagging. Famous sales quotes help to remind salespersons that there is often a market for any type of good or service; it just may take more effort to find and cultivate that market.

At their core, sales quotes are meant to motivate, teach, and inspire creativity among salespeople. The sharing of quotes has sometimes led to salespeople creating variations on proven sales methods that appeal to a whole new consumer market and help to generate sales that are far beyond what the salesperson had accomplished in the past. The quotes are also helpful when the work day is going badly and the salesperson needs something to boost morale.


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