What are Room Screens?

J. Beam

Room screens are free-standing panels made of sturdy material, such as wood, that can be used to decoratively or practically enhance a room. Typically, room screens are multiple panels hinged together so that they can be easily arranged by folding them at different angles. Room screens are a practical, but decorative way to divide a room.

Occasionally, room screens can be found at garage sales.
Occasionally, room screens can be found at garage sales.

Originally, most room screens were inspired by oriental design, but today you can find room screens suitable for any décor and style. In fact, there are so many styles and designs of room screens that you might find it difficult to choose one. They are available in different sizes as well to accommodate their many different purposes.

The use of room screens is limited only to your imagination and the space in your room. If you are looking for a way to divide living space within a single room, a room screen can serve the purpose well. Many people choose to use room screens in living areas that must share both seating and entertainment space with home office space. A room screen dividing seating and office space will hide the office space while allowing those who use it some privacy.

You don’t have to use a room screen to divide space, but rather might choose to place one in a corner. Perhaps you would like to add vertical interest to a room or bring an upholstered room screen in for color and texture. Many people also use room screens as standing displays for collectible items.

Room screens can also be useful in hiding undesirable messes. In small spaces where storage is at a minimum, a room screen can be strategically placed to disguise organized messes. For this use, choose a lightweight screen that can easily be moved for access to the items it disguises.

Room screens have limitless uses and possibilities. With the proper know-how and construction ability, you can even make your own room screens. You may also want to scour flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores for used and worn screens that could be given new life or in search of objects that could be hinged together to create a unique room screen for your space.

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