What are Rice Paper Shower Curtains?

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A rice paper shower curtain is a vinyl shower curtain that has a texture similar to that of rice paper. These shower curtains also have a semi-transparent quality to them like rice paper. Most rice paper shower curtains are white, but some are a calming shade of green.

A serene green rice paper shower curtain is especially suited to an Oriental-themed bathroom. This d├ęcor style is often organic and natural with a few accents such as bamboo and plants. Rice paper shower curtains can compliment actual rice paper shades on bathroom windows. Using both can add a cohesive look to the decor.

White vinyl rice paper shower curtains can look great in many different styles of bathrooms. White coordinates well with virtually any color whether it's a neutral, bright or pastel. Too much color such as colorful paint and towels may be overwhelming in smaller bathrooms and a white rice paper shower curtain can help to tone down a bright color scheme.

White rice paper shower curtains are a great alternative to multi-colored whimsical styles when a more elegant look is wanted. Some people like to use a white rice paper shower curtain to match a white sink and toilet and then add some color with paint on the walls. Since rice paper curtains are semi-transparent, they let light in and are perfect for small and windowless bathrooms.


Neutral bathroom color schemes such as black and white or tan can look great with a textured rice paper shower curtain. The texture helps to add interest while the neutral white color blends in with the overall feel of the decor. The texture of rice paper shower curtains varies widely. Some of these curtains have a very subtle all-over texture while others have large, embossed motifs such as butterflies and flowers. A rice paper shower curtain is usually an affordably elegant choice since many of these curtains sell for under $20 US Dollars (USD).


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