What are Rain Pants?

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Rain pants are one of several basic rain accessories that are employed by people who work out-of-doors. As with a rain coat, rain pants are designed to protect the wearer from getting wet while performing tasks outside. The pants are constructed of material that is waterproof and are widely available at retail outlets that sell rain gear.

Other than a raincoat, rain pants are the single most common rain accessory on the market today. Usually constructed with the same heavy duty vinyl used for many raincoats, the pants normally are equipped with adjustable waistbands that make it possible to slide the garment over jeans or a pair of trousers with ease. Once in place, the waistband is secured in place with the use of clasps or Velcro, creating a snug but comfortable fit.

Rain clothes, including waterproof rain pants, are part of the standard gear issued to many workers who must work outside in all types of weather. Sanitation employees who must collect trash in rainy weather are one example. When paired with rain boots and a sturdy rain coat, the rain pants make it possible to endure rainfall for several hours with relatively little discomfort. By keeping the underlying clothing dry, the rain outerwear minimizes the chances of becoming chilled and developing a cold.


Traffic cops and crosswalk personnel also employ rainwear on days when the rain continues to fall. A combination of a rain coat, rain pants, and rain boots minimizes the discomfort experienced while directing traffic and signaling for pedestrians to cross a busy street.

Rain apparel is also used for recreational purposes as well. Camouflage rain coats and rain pants are very helpful on hunting trips, allowing hunters to remain outside even when the weather is dank and wet. Because the gear is relatively easy to take off, removing the garments when the sun comes out takes only a moment or two.

For the most part, rain pants and similar rain gear weigh no more than a few ounces. Pants are manufactured to fit children and adults with ease and are relatively inexpensive. The construction of vinyl rain pants makes it possible to clean the garment with soap and water.

Purchasing rain pants is relatively simple. Many municipalities purchase the garments in bulk from equipment suppliers. It is also possible to purchase rain pants as many sporting goods stores. While the basic pants are made with yellow vinyl, it is also possible to find rain pants in just about any color.


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Why don't people wear rain pants instead of snow pants more often? It sounds like rain pants are lighter and less bulky. Are there any downsides that make them bad as snow pants?

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