What are Promotional Gifts?

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There are many ways to advertise or promote a product or service and one of the main ways this is done is by using promotional gifts. These are products or merchandise that in some way or another direct their recipient to a particular brand, company name or slogan. Some of the most commonly used promotional gifts are pens that are branded with a company or product logo, but there are many more. Promotional gifts are usually given away for free.

The main intention of giving promotional gifts to consumers is to get them to buy the advertised product or service. There is a relatively good success rate for companies when using these items compared to other types of advertising. A different type of advertising that is popular, for example, is the coupon, which attracts customers through monetary discounts. It has been shown that customers are more likely to respond to promotional gifts than to coupons and other forms of advertising.


The promotional gift industry is expanding because of the great success rates associated with promotional giveaways. Companies in this industry will generally manufacture or import the gifts, decorate them with a logo and then ship them to their intended company on demand. A company can also manufacture its own promotional products, which is especially effective when the gift is actually a sample of the product that the company produces. After that, there are a variety of ways to get the products into the hands of consumers, for instance at trade shows, through the mail, and directly in a store, to name a few.

There are many more types of promotional gifts beyond simple pens. Another popular type of promotional gift is a promotional shirt. When worn by the consumer, it serves as additional advertising as well as being a free gift. Similar items are bumper stickers, since their intended purpose is to be put on display where many people can see them and become informed of the product. These few items merely scratch the surface of the products that can be given away for promotions, and other popular promo gifts can be coffee mugs, key chains, note pads, and many more since practically anything can be branded with a logo and given away.


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