What are Prepaid Lawyers?

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Prepaid lawyers are attorneys who offer ongoing legal services to clients who agree to pay a monthly or annual fee in advance. By paying this recurring fee, the client has access to all the attorneys connected with the law firm in question on a continuing basis. This arrangement makes it possible to call upon the prepaid attorney for all types of legal services that are covered in the agreement between the client and the law firm.

The concept of prepaid lawyers has been around for a number of years. Businesses have long used a model in which a lawyer is kept on a retainer that is paid annually or semiannually. In return for the advance payment, the lawyer performs a wide range of legal tasks on behalf of the client. These may include creating or reviewing business contracts, filing legal paperwork with local courts, or taking depositions in the event that some type of legal action is initiated by or against the client.


Over the last several decades, the idea of prepaid lawyers has become more common among individuals. For the most part, a prepaid legal plan will include a specific list of legal services that are provided as long as the client is paid up according to the provisions inherent in the plan. This arrangement can allow individuals to draft or make changes in wills or trust agreements, obtain legal advice on matters related to property, or any other service provided by the plan.

Prepaid lawyers can provide a great deal of security and comfort at a time when the need for legal counsel and services arises unexpectedly. The lawyer can function as the advocate for the client in just about any court situation. It doesn’t matter whether the client is a plaintiff or a defendant in a case. Prepaid lawyers may mount a defense or prosecution on behalf of a client with equal ease, as well as file any motions relevant to the situation.

Consumers should note that while prepaid lawyers are often an excellent option, it is important to evaluate each prepaid plan offered by a law firm carefully. Many firms will offer more than one prepaid legal plan, making it possible for clients to choose the range of services they believe will be most helpful. A basic plan may cover essentials such as drafting and filing legal documents such as deeds and wills, while a more comprehensive plan may allow prepaid lawyers to represent the client in any type of court action.

While some people may feel that prepaid legal services may be an exorbitant expense, most prepaid lawyers schedule payments that work well with the client’s flow of income. In many cases, the cumulative annual fees can be offset by one or two services rendered by the attorney during the same annual period.


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