What are Pre-Glued Hair Extensions?

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Pre-glued, or pre-tipped, hair extensions come with glue or tape already on the end so that the extensions are ready to apply to the head. Hair extensions can be purchased as braids, single hair strands, or as bunches of hair called wefts. The pre-glued hair extensions generally are considered easier to apply than traditional hair extensions because the application of adhesive is not necessary when first attached to the hair.

In general, pre-glued hair extensions are made from man-made plastic materials that are either synthetic or from human hair. Human hair extensions normally are of a higher quality, will last longer, and have a reduced tendency to mat on the head. Some hair extensions are color treated while others are not — they can be purchased as highlighted strands to blend in with natural hair shades. Additionally, hair extensions come in curly or straight strands.

The cost of hair extensions will depend on the type of hair that is used to make them, as well as the type or types of treatments that have been applied to the extensions. For example, man-made hair extensions generally are less expensive than natural hairpieces. Also, pre-glued hair extensions typically are more costly than unglued extensions.


Application of pre-glued hair extensions requires a fusing tool, which heats up the extension and the glue on the end of it. After the normal hair is separated on the head, the pre-glued hair extension is laid in place and then connected to the natural hair using the fusing tool. The fusing tool melts the glue on the hair extension, thereby allowing the extension to bond with the natural hair.

There are also pre-taped hair extensions. Instead of glue, pre-taped hair extensions have double-sided tape on the ends. The backing on the tape is removed and the hair extension applied to the head. While this process of hair extension application is the easier of the pre-treated applications, the pre-taped extension typically will last only a few days; in contrast, pre-glued extension can last as long as six months.

Care of the hair in relation to pre-glued or pre-taped hair extensions can be important. Pre-taped hair extensions are intended to be removed at night and are not normally worn during shampooing because they can fall out. Pre-glued hair extensions, however, can be worn during shampooing, but should be handled carefully because they can mat and become damaged, depending on what they are made of. As with any hair extension, the pre-glued type can become lose and require another application of adhesive.


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Post 3

I didn't have a very good experience with pre-glued extensions. It was difficult to heat up the glue at the end and difficult to apply. When the glue is separate, it's already hot and ready to go, so I think it works better.

I've been hearing very good things about clip-in extensions as well. They're supposed to be the easiest to use.

Post 2

@SarahGen-- Experience definitely helps but I think you can learn to install your own hair extensions. There are many tutorials online that can help you.

If you want to do it at home, I highly recommend pre-glued hair extensions. The ones with tape are not a good idea because they are one-time use only and can fall out easily. If you get pre-glued, you can remove them and re-apply them. This will give you some leeway since it's your first time and you will be able to use them for a lot longer.

If you can afford it, get real human remi hair extensions. They're the best!

Post 1

I wish I could buy pre-glued hair extensions and put them in myself at home. But I'm sure that requires a lot of experience and I don't think I could do it. I would probably ruin my hair with the glue.

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