What Are Ponytail Holders?

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Ponytail holders are items that are typically used in hair styling and fashion to hold a bunch of hair into the shape of a ponytail. A number of different objects can be used for this, though some of the most common types of holders are plain elastic bands that are often coated in fabric. More elaborate bands can also be used, which can have large bunches of fabric around them or decorative items connected to them. Ponytail holders can also be plastic or metal items that are used as clips, which surround the hair and keep it in place.

The purpose of ponytail holders is essentially to keep hair bunched together in the form of a ponytail, though they can be used in other hair styles. A ponytail is a style in which most or all of someone’s hair is pulled back away from the face toward the back of the head or neck. This hair is then grouped together in a single bunch and a holder is typically used toward the scalp to keep it in place. A number of variations on this style exist, such as pigtails or side ponytails, though they usually involve bunches of hair pulled and held together.


One of the most common designs for ponytail holders is a plain elastic band that is small enough to keep hair held tight together. This band is usually covered in cloth or fabric to keep the elastic from pulling the hair, and to prevent a breaking band from potentially injuring a wearer. These ponytail holders are often quite inexpensive and easy to use, though they provide little additional aesthetic value.

There are also ponytail holders that are somewhat more elaborate or decorative, but are similar in design. These are typically also made as elastic bands, but additional cloth and other materials can be added to them. Large bunches of fabric can be used to make the band stand out and be more noticeable on the wearer. These holders can be made in a number of different designs, and may include printed fabrics and plastic ornaments that can be connected to them.

More elaborate ponytail holders are also available, which often function as clips or do not use elastic. These can be made from plastic, wood, and metal or other materials to hold a bunch of hair together, but they often do so in a more ornamental way. Such ponytail holders may not be as effective as the elastic bands, but they are typically more aesthetically pleasing and can put less strain on a wearer’s hair.


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