What are Plastic Business Cards?

R. Kayne

Plastic business cards are small cards made from durable plastic that contain a person's name, job title, and contact information. They are likely to outlast any standard paper business card, but durability is only one of their advantages. They also stand out, are recognizable by touch, and make a solid favorable impression. There are two basic varieties of plastic business cards: transparent and solid.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Transparent plastic business cards are made from lightweight plastic that can be clear or tinted one of a number of colors. Because these cards are transparent, they can only be printed on one side. While more basic than their solid cousins, they work well for many types of businesses. Transparent cards have square corners, like paper cards, and normally use one-color printing with minimal artwork. Because the cards are waterproof and won't get dirty, they are an excellent choice for scuba instructors, plumbers, automotive shops, house cleaning services, courier services, and all types of home businesses or services.

Solid plastic business cards have rounded corners and resemble credit cards. They can be printed on both sides in multicolor, photographic, high-resolution graphics. The diversity of this card surpasses that of the transparent variety, making solid ones a great value. Whenever clients or customers handle one of these cards, they are apt to be impressed all over again. Customers might also be less likely to throw away a plastic card, as it seems to have more worth than a paper card.

Companies that can use flash to sell their products or services often find plastic business cards to be a great advantage. Advertising firms, financial law firms, photographers, spas, and companies involved in technology are all kinds of businesses that can benefit. Even a service that might be well served by the transparent card, such as custodial service, could consider a solid white card with simple black lettering and a full color photograph of the smiling owner. Next to a plain paper card, this type of business card can have a great impact on potential clients or customers.

Plastic business cards are remarkably affordable and can make a significant difference in the promotion of a product or service. They are also likely to stay in circulation longer and will be readable and new-looking no matter how long they are kept or how often they are handled.

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great article. plastic cards are much more reliable and have very good graphics, which creates the difference between plastic and paper cards.


how can i print on the clear cards? is there an affordable machine?


Another great effect I have seen for Plastic Business Cards are ones on a "frosted" plastic material. They are supposed to resist scratching better and it seems like the graphics pop off a bit as well with the semi opaque look.

Great Article!


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