What Are Pharmacy Affiliate Programs?

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Pharmacy affiliate programs are marketing programs that allow independent website owners to earn commissions. A online site's webmaster provides independent owners with a referral link to display on their own webpages. When visitors click on the link and make a purchase, the independent website owners get paid as a courtesy for the referral.

Online websites dedicated to selling prescriptions might in fact belong to several pharmacy affiliate programs. Due to the high profitability of the pharmaceutical industry, these types of marketing programs are becoming increasingly popular. They allow ordinary individuals to set up online storefronts that refer potential customers to legitimate pharmacies. Affiliate programs are a method of earning passive online income.

There are two categories of pharmacy affiliate programs. The first type is considered to be an informational website. These sites provide information about the products to potential consumers, along with links to the actual providers of the medications. Some might allow customers to conduct prescription price comparisons, or they might just provide a list of products.

The second type of pharmacy affiliate programs is a set-your-own-price website. Customers are able to see a list of product information, complete with links to the actual merchants and may be able to perform price comparisons. The main difference is that affiliates are able to set their own prices for each product. When sales are made, affiliates are paid the difference between the price they set and the merchant's minimum asking price.


Similar to other forms of referral advertising, most pharmacy affiliate programs pay a percentage of the total referred sales. The commission rate may be as high as 25 percent, with additional bonus levels for a certain number of referrals or purchases made on specific products. In addition to prescriptions, commissions may be offered on vitamin supplements and weight loss or skin care products.

A few of the programs give affiliates a number of websites to promote. Those who wish to participate in the program may choose to focus exclusively on promoting the merchant's prescription medications or may choose a site that sells a mix of traditional medicine along with natural alternatives. Affiliate programs allow participants the flexibility to work with several merchants simultaneously in order to maximize earnings.

Depending upon the merchant, pharmacy affiliate programs may pay per lead or per purchase. In a pay-per-lead commission structure, an affiliate is paid when a customer fills out a lead form that is sent to the merchant. With pay-per-purchase, a purchase is required in order for the affiliate to receive commission.


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I own a pharmacy website and we pay very handsome commissions to affiliates. We have over 400 products including hard to procure meds.

We process in australian dollars and pay our affiliates weekly, provided they meet the minimum payout.

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