What are Personalized Chopsticks?

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Personalized chopsticks are Asian eating utensils that have names, dates or sayings printed on them. People can have birthday, anniversary or wedding messages printed onto chopsticks by a printing company. Most companies will print different messages on each of the two chopsticks in a pair if that's what the customer wants. Many different types of chopsticks can be personalized, including wood and acrylic. Personalized chopstick designs may be created for business promotional giveaways and wedding or party favors as well as to personalize gift sets of chopsticks such as those used for sushi.

Sushi is a Japanese food popular in the United States and many other countries. It can consist of many different possible ingredients such as raw or cooked fish, vegetables and seaweed wrapped in a layer of sticky rice. Some types of sushi are eaten with the fingers, while other kinds are eaten using chopsticks. A great gift idea for people who enjoy sushi and want to know more about it is a book on how to eat sushi, or how to prepare it, along with a set of personalized chopsticks.


Metal, glazed wood and acrylic chopsticks are best for personalizing because they can be easily washed for reuse. Unglazed wood chopsticks aren't as sanitary and are considered disposable. Personalized chopsticks are available in light or dark wood, but lighter wood is usually best for a personal message that's clear and easy to read. Glazed wood chopsticks are available plain or with attractive metal accents at the tips and middles.

White or ivory-colored acrylic personalized chopsticks with black printing are suitable for many occasions as they can coordinate with any party color scheme. White printing on black or red acrylic chopsticks can also be attractive. Chopsticks with the Chinese double happiness or long life symbol that are personalized with the bride and groom's names and the date are popular wedding favors for Asian themed weddings.

Promotional personalized chopsticks are given away at some business events. These chopsticks may feature the company logo if it can be printed clearly on such a small space. Promo chopsticks at least include the name of the business and often a phone number or website address.

When given as party favors or gifts, personalized chopsticks may be presented in pairs tied with ribbon or a pair of chopsticks may be given in a wooden box or a chopstick sleeve. Chopstick sleeves are made from materials such as paper, foil or embossed fabric, and they are closed at the tip and open around the top end to display part of the chopsticks. The sleeves are often personalized to coordinate with the customized information printed on the chopsticks. Chopstick sleeves can add a decorative touch and a finished look to personalized chopsticks.


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