What are Peep Toe Boots?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Peep toe boots are boots with a peep toe design which involves a cutout in the toe of the boot that makes the toes of the wearer visible. Peep toed shoes of all styles have waxed and waned in the fashion community over the years, with some critics viewing such styles as relatively classic, while others suggest that they are trendy enough to look out of place when they are not in style. When in style, peep toe boots can be found at many shoe stores and in the collections of numerous shoe designers.

Woman shopping
Woman shopping

The classic peep toe design does not expose all of the toes of the wearer fully, instead providing a glimpse of the tip of the toes. Summer shoes such as sandals and light heels often have a peep toe design to allow people to show off their toenail polish and to ventilate the shoe to keep the feet more comfortable in hot weather. Peep toe boots are classically worn with tights or socks which may be in matching or contrasting colors, depending on the taste of the wearer.

The shape of the cutout can vary. Many peep toe boots simply look as though someone has snipped off the uppers of the boot, while others may feature jagged margins or a heart-shaped opening, depending on the style of the shoe. Peep toe boots can be designed as heels or flats, and they may feature additional cutouts along the body of the boot, along with decorative features like buttons and ribbon laces. Peep toe boots are also available as platforms.

This shoe design is generally believed to be appropriate for fall, when the weather is starting to become more crisp and boots are increasingly worn to keep the feet and legs warm. Many peep toe boot designs are very flexible, allowing people to wear the boots with a wide variety of skirts and shoes, ranging from miniskirts with peep toe cutout boots to boot-cut jeans which can be worn with a more staid pair of peep toe boots.

When selecting boots in this style, people may want to think about what the boots can be worn with, and whether or not their climate is friendly to this style. People who live in areas where falls tends to be muddy or dusty may find that the design's stylish look only lasts on the front porch, while people who live in regions where fall tends to be relatively dry can avoid this problem. The choice of materials used in the construction of the boot can also be important; leather boots, for example, require attentive maintenance to last, while materials like silk and other fabrics can break down quickly, only allowing people to wear the boots for a season.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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