What are Pec Implants?

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Male chest implants, also known as pec implants, are devices that are used to improve the bulk and projection of muscles in the male chest. In some cases, the implants are used as a means of restoring the natural contours of the chest after surgery. The implants are also used as a means of pectoral augmentation, helping to enhance the appearance of the existing pectoral muscles.

Pec implants themselves are very similar to breast implants, in that the devices are self-contained and usually somewhat soft to the touch, generally composed of silicone. Unlike some types of breast implants, the male pec implant is usually a little more solid, made from the same type of solid silicone that is often used in the manufacture of pacemakers. While there have been concerns in the past about the potential of silicone implants to improve the chances of developing cancer, many health professionals today do not support this theory.


When pec implants are being inserted as a means of enhancing the overall appearance of the chest, they are inserted underneath the pectoral muscles. This causes the muscles to appear more pronounced on the chest, and add what is usually considered a desirable amount of bulk to the male chest. It is a common myth that pec implants increase the definition of the pectoral muscles, possibly based on the fact that the surgery does cause the pec muscles to be somewhat more noticeable than before. The only way to increase the definition of the pectoral muscles is by exercises geared toward strengthening those specific muscles.

Men sometimes undergo the insertion of pec implants in order to restore a natural appearance to the chest. This is often the case when an accident or disease has caused sufficient damage to the pectoral muscles, making it necessary to remove all or part of the musculature from the chest. While the implants do not have exactly the same definition as the muscles themselves, they can help to balance out the appearance of the chest, helping the male be less self-conscious.

The surgery itself involves making a small incision just under the armpit, and using an endoscope to clear a space under the pectoral muscles. Unlike breast augmentation surgery for women, the muscles are not separated from the attachments to the breastbone or rib cage during male implant surgery. As long as an area large enough to accommodate the pec implants can be created, it is possible to slide the device into position, and allow the muscles to settle on top of the implants.

Often, there is a significant amount of swelling and bruising after the insertion of pec implants at first, but these usually subside in a matter of days. Many doctors recommend that lifting and aerobic exercise should be avoided for about a month after the procedure, even if no complications have occurred. As with any type of surgery, the insertion of pec implants does carry some risk, such as the potential for infection. The nature of the procedure makes the risks somewhat low, especially if the physician’s recommendations are followed during the recuperative period.


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