What are Padded Envelopes?

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If someone wants to send something through the mail that needs a little protection, padded envelopes will likely do the trick. They come in all sizes from postcard-sized to standard mailers and larger, and most feature a self-adhesive flap.

The front and back sides of padded envelopes sandwich one of two types of protective padding: recycled fibers or plastic bubble wrap. The former resembles shredded natural cotton or macerated newsprint, using pure, soft bulk for protection. The latter uses a layer of thin, lightweight plastic with raised pockets of trapped air. The pockets, or "bubbles," provide the protection in this type of mailer.

These envelopes are easily recognized because of their bulk, relative to regular non-padded envelopes. Some have pre-printed lines for the ship to and sender's name and address. They come in all colors, though colored styles may be slightly more expensive than plain.

Some examples of items that might be mailed in envelopes like this include photographs, compact discs, cassette or videotapes, small books, other small gifts, or promotional materials. Though padded envelopes provide a high grade of protection, they are not intended for shipping fragile items, such as glass, ceramics, porcelain or other highly delicate items. In these cases, a protective box with internal foam, newspaper or other padding should be used.


For an eye-catching touch, metallic bubble envelopes have shimmery foil exteriors. They come in bright, vibrant colors of red, green, blue, silver and purple, and are perfect for sending gifts or calling attention to any mailer. They're a great choice for promotional advertising and can be purchased in bulk.

Varieties of padded envelopes are available at post offices, office supply stores, most discount marts, and even many grocery stores. They are also sold online and can be purchased in singles, packs or in bulk. Many special items can be sent through the mail this way, and a little extra padding with help ensure that they will get there in excellent condition.


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Post 2

My father works at a business that uses jiffy padded envelopes all the time. He said that they are inexpensive and keep the products from getting damaged. I have seen the envelopes in the stores and thought they were used for just a few things. I did not realize just how much they are used. It seems like they are better than boxes in a lot of ways.

Post 1

I sold an old necklace of mine one time on an auction site. I used a small padded envelope to ship it in. It saved a lot on costs vs. a box, and the I did not worry about the necklace getting damaged at all. The person who bought it said it arrived just fine in the mail at their home.

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