What are Orthotic Shoes?

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Orthotic shoes are worn to support the feet and correct common ailments. Orthopedic problems in the feet can occur in children and adults, but orthotic shoes are most often worn by adults. Adults need these shoes not only to correct a variety of foot problems, but also for additional support and heel cushioning. The right shoes can even help with the pain that is associated with arthritis and associated problems.

As an investment for the help of a person’s feet, orthotic shoes are essential for those that have foot aliments and those who do not. Many athletes, especially high intensity runners, love these shoes for their comfort and support. These shoes can also be worn to prevent future foot problems.

Orthotic shoes help to reduce rotational movements, and they increase arch and overall foot support. They are a strong and durable type of shoe. Orthotic shoes also hold the foot in place. A steady foot is the ideal way to decrease the stress on other parts of the body. The other parts of the body that are positively affected by a great pair of orthotic shoes include, but are not limited to: the knees, ankles, hips and back.


For people who cannot afford the large investment that is associated with a high quality pair of orthotic shoes there are inserts and supports. Standard shoe styles can be transformed into a pair of orthotics with inserts. Quality inserts can provide the same benefits as specially made shoes. There are different types of inserts that offer different types of support.

Some inserts offer arch support. There are arch supports for high arches and for flat feet. Arch supports can also help to reduce movement and pronation. Other supports offer cushioning and support. Some of the higher priced inserts will fill a variety of functions.

Regardless if a pair of shoes or a few inserts are needed, it is best to consult a professional. People who are experienced in selecting the right types of footwear in a retail environment can assist anyone if finding the best foot care items for their individual needs. However, for more specific advice it may be best to consult a physician that specializes in foot problems.


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