What are Organic Towels?

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Organic towels are towels that are made using organic materials. Many countries regulate what can or cannot be labeled as organic, but there are some countries that do not. Countries that regulate organic products each have their own regulatory agency and their own organic rules. Usually, these regulations include growing the materials without synthetic pesticides and ensuring the soil used to grow these materials has remained free of synthetic products for a specified number of years. Therefore, organic towels must be made from materials that have been grown in organic soil and with organic techniques.

Organic towels can be made from a variety of materials. Two such materials are cotton and bamboo. Cotton organic towels are made from cotton that is grown free of pesticides and chemicals. They are absorbent and hypoallergenic which is ideal for those with allergies. These towels are also made without bleach or other synthetic materials as is regulated by the government agency under which they are produced. Cotton organic towels are machine washable just as regular towels are.


Bamboo organic towels are not hard as the term may suggest. Instead, bamboo cellulose is used to make rayon, a type of material. The rayon can either be made into a cotton/bamboo towel blend or a 100% bamboo towel. It is also said that bamboo towels are more eco-friendly than cotton because bamboo grows so quickly, and will be able to be harvested after three years. As such, it is a renewable natural resource. However, the production of rayon necessitates the use of caustic materials which underscores bamboo’s eco-friendliness for some.

Bamboo towels are also naturally antibacterial, antifungal, biodegradable, and dry faster than cotton. It is said that bamboo towels are more absorbent than their cotton counterparts. Bamboo towels tend to stay softer than cotton towels after washing, but they are more expensive than cotton. Bamboo towels can also be machine washed but the use of fabric softener is not recommended. The towels remain soft on their own.

As will regular towels, organic towels come in many sizes and products. Bath towels, hand towels, washrags, and towel mats have all been made from organic materials. The bathroom is not the only room that has their share of organic towel. Organic towels can also be found in the kitchen where they make their appearance as kitchen towels. As with other organic towel products, organic kitchen towels are hailed to be more absorbent than other types of towels.


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