What are Open House Signs?

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Open house signs indicate that a home or property is open to be viewed by the public. These are normally used when a person or real estate agency is selling a home, and they provide an additional notification that interested parties can tour the home. Lots of people don’t just depend on open house signs when they’re selling a home and will also post a notification in various local newspapers or other media so that more people will visit the house and perhaps bid on it if they like what they see.

When a realtor sells a house, he/she may provide several open house signs. Sometimes people post signs away from the home, perhaps a block or two away or on a main cross street, that have bold lettering detailing that there is an open house, and often have an arrow pointing in the direction of it. These signs usually have enough space to write the actual address of the home too.


Realtors or a home owner could set up a sequential set of open house signs leading people directly to the house, but these need to be spaced appropriately so people don’t get lose their way. Arrows should be pointing in the right direction, as otherwise they may confuse potential buyers. How to attach each sign to something may vary depending on location. A freestanding open house sign type could be used, or signs could be taped to light poles or telephone poles. The signs should be removed once the open house ends.

Another type of open house sign is usually placed directly in the front of the property. It should be large enough that it is easily readable by passers by. Home sale signs occasionally have several points on the sign in which extra signs can be hung. This means people can simply add the appropriate open house sign and then remove it once the event is finished. Alternately, there are numerous open house signs that can be attached to a home or planted in the front yard. Realtors can provide them or people selling their own homes may purchase them possibly locally and easily online.

When choosing an open house sign or a group of them, people should think about what they’re attempting to do. They are trying to sell a home or other type of property. Foot traffic is excellent in this respect because more visitors may mean more potential buyers, though occasionally the signs just attract someone interested in viewing and not bidding. It’s therefore important to make the sign visible and easy to read, since signs that are ignored won’t sell a home. Anyone selling property should consider this carefully before choosing sign design, and plan on purchasing signs that are noticeable.


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