What are Night Lights?

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People of all ages can benefit from the use of night lights around their homes. As an easy way to provide a small amount of illumination, they are the ideal balance between enough light to move around the house in the middle of the night, while not casting enough light to keep anyone awake. Composed of a sturdy plastic structure that encases a light socket that is worked with a toggle switch, the basic night light is UL approved and requires nothing more than an outlet and a small bulb to operate.

Night lights are often found in bedrooms, as a means of providing a small amount of light, in case the occupant of the room wakes and rises during the night. While many children derive a sense of security from the presence of a little light, adults also can find these lights very handy if there is a need to get up for any reason, such as responding to the cry of a newborn. Just as young people sometimes feel more comfortable with a light in the room, older people who may unsure of their footing may find that extra lighting is helpful as well.


Along with bedrooms, night lights in the bathroom and hallways are not unusual. Because the amount of light emitted by these lights is small, they may be ideal ways to prevent glaring light to travel into other rooms, possibly disturbing other members of the family. Small lights placed strategically in a hallway will help to prevent stubbed toes at night, which will also cut back on the incidence of family members being woken by a shout of someone in pain.

The designs of night lights vary, according to taste. There are basic ones that come in shades of white, beige and black. These work well for people more concerned with function than anything else. Children’s versions often will feature a bulb cover that depicts a cartoon character or some theme that is of interest to children. For people who want everything in the home to coordinate, there are designer lights in a variety of patterns, shapes, and colors. In short, there is something for just about every need and taste.


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Are night lights good for the environment?

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The night light product LiteAswitch fits all decors as it places a ring of light around any

existing wall plate. it is also switch mountable allowing it to be placed at all entry ways - check it out and see why I got three.

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Many small plug in night lights are so simple in design that they will not impinge on the integrity of the room design. Plug the night light into a wall plug that is near the baseboard and you should be fine.

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How can we get night lights depending upon architects design? For example, if he designs lamps according to a theme which links his concept in a bedroom means, is it possible to purchase those night lamps according to his concept in the design ?

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