What are Naturopathic Remedies?

Malcolm Tatum

Naturopathic remedies are the various types of treatments utilized by a naturopathic doctor. All the remedies, or treatments, are based in the application of air, heat, water, and sunshine coupled with various massage techniques and electrical stimulation. Dietary changes are a common part of the treatment process. At times, the remedies employed by the naturopath may also include the administration of single herbs or herbal combinations, although not every naturopathic physician will use herbs as a remedy.

Some naturopathic remedies include herbs and other supplements.
Some naturopathic remedies include herbs and other supplements.

Naturopathy itself is based on the understanding that the body has the intrinsic ability to maintain and heal itself, given the correct environment. To that end, naturopathic remedies are intended to create that right setting for the mind and body to engage in the task of self-healing. From this perspective, naturopathic remedies may be seen as the catalyst for healing, since the treatments encourage the body to do what it is already equipped to do.

Sunshine is a part of naturopathic remedies.
Sunshine is a part of naturopathic remedies.

Massage and therapeutic touch is a key element in many naturopathic remedies. Ideally, the environment where the massage takes place is one that is relaxing and pleasant. Aromatherapy may be employed as a means of sweetening the air in the space. Soothing natural oils may be used in the actual massage, thus calling upon the heat aspect of the healing process. Natural sunlight in the space also helps to create the ideal natural state for the body. Fresh mineral water can help complete the setting and provide refreshment when and as needed.

Addressing the diet as a means of restoring the body and mind to proper balance is often important to naturopathic remedies. An emphasis is placed on consuming fresh organic vegetables and fruits rather than relying on processed foods. Some practitioners of this complementary and alternative medicine will also recommend a diet that excludes red meat, although fish may still be used as a protein source. In some instances, raw vegetables and fruits are preferred over cooked foods. This helps the individual to obtain full benefit from the foods in their natural state.

While herbs are not included among the naturopathic remedies used by some naturopaths, others make used of herbs and herbal fusions for many different types of ailments. Herbs may be crushed and the essential oils used in the massage process. Aromatic herbs may be utilized to fresh the air. At other times, the herbs may be dried or used to create healthy teas that aid in recovery from colds, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, and even stress and mild anxiety.

Naturopathic remedies seek to restore balance to the body and mind, allowing healing to take place using the body’s own natural defenses. As with many types of natural medicine, naturopathic remedies have their proponents and detractors. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence pointing to the efficacy of naturopathic healing methods; however, many of these claims have not been subjected to rigorous scientific evaluation.

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