What are Motorcycle Jeans?

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Motorcycle jeans are a type of protective clothing worn by riders of motorcycles worldwide. Typically made of a heavy denim material with leather, Kevlar or similar reinforcing panels, motorcycle jeans help to protect the rider from abrasions, commonly called road rash, in the event of a spill or crash. Commonly worn instead of leather chaps or leggings in warm weather, motorcycle jeans give a similar feeling of protection while remaining cool and stylish. In cold weather, the motorcycle jeans can offer a warmth to the rider's legs that aid in making the ride more enjoyable.

Many motorcycle riders favor motorcycle jeans over other types of protective clothing due, in part, to the usually more cost-friendly price as well as the comfort of the garment. The denim commonly used to produce the protective jeans is able to breathe better than a similarly protective leather garment. This allows the rider to remain on the motorcycle for longer periods without feeling the need to walk around and air out his lower extremities. The protective panels in the motorcycle jeans are situated in such a manner that they cover the critical locations such as the knees, rump and thighs, all while allowing free and unrestricted movement of the rider's legs.


Thick leather chaps can often reduce the amount of movement that a rider has with his legs. The leather can often pull tightly against the knees and thighs, resulting in an uncomfortable ride as well as pain and cramping from the lack of movement on extended rides. Commonly offered in many popular colors such as black, blue and dark brown, motorcycle jeans are a stylish apparel choice for the person who wishes to maintain the appearance of the traditional motorcycle rider.

Some models and styles of the jeans include a waterproof layer on the front of the garment that keeps a rider dry when riding in rain. The all-weather motorcycle jeans dry quickly, which is a bonus for most riders. By not requiring the rider to stop and change out of wet clothes, the jeans allow a rider to keep moving and remain prepared in the case of future inclement weather. Unlike leather that can become stiff and uncomfortable when allowed to air dry while riding, the motorcycle jeans dry into a soft, comfortable fabric that is non-restricting or irritating to most riders. For the rider wishing to wear a matching ensemble, most jeans manufacturers also market matching vests and jackets in the same denim material as the pants.


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Post 2

I don't always wear protective clothing when I ride my bike. It usually depends on the weather. If it is going to be a cold ride I will leather chaps or my motorcycle denim jeans. Chaps can be a pain to get on sometimes, and my motorcycle jeans are lighter and easier and faster to put on.

You never know what kind of weather you might get caught in, so we usually have rain gear stored on the bike too. You can spend a lot of money on all the motorcycle gear, but it is nice to be prepared for anything.

Post 1

I have a pair of leather chaps and a pair of motorcycle riding jeans and find myself reaching for the jeans over the chaps most of the time. They just don't seem as cumbersome and bulky and you have a few different colors to choose from.

Wearing protective clothing of some sort is very important when you get on your bike and like all things, it is nice to have some choices in the fabric, color and styles.

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