What are Mosaic Stepping Stones?

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Mosaic stepping stones are used to enhance a garden or yard and provide a clearly defined path. They are created using mosaic art techniques and flat pieces of tile, glass, or ceramic. Stepping stones can be used to highlight a portion of a yard or garden or as a stand alone decorative element. Single mosaic stepping stones can be used as memorials or to commemorate specific events or places. Stones can be created using identical patterns and tiles, or complementary colors and patterns can be used.

To make mosaic stepping stones, an artist will create a design,by drawing on a concrete base, then select colorful tiles or ceramic pieces to fill in each area of the design. The tiles are broken into small pieces and then adhered to the stepping stone. The areas between the tiles are filled in with grout once the adhesive has dried. The grout used should enhance the colors and complete the design. Once dry, the stones can be used outdoors in any weather.

The bases used for mosaic stepping stones can be found in any garden improvement or home improvement store. The most common shapes are round and square, though it is possible to create different-shaped bases as well. The bases should be made from concrete and be at least an inch thick. Thinner bases may not be able to withstand foot traffic once installed.


The decorative elements used for mosaic stepping stone can be any type of glazed ceramic tile, old pottery or dishes, small, flat stones, or glass tiles. In some cases, glass beads can be used as well. Avoid using items that are completely round like marbles; they will pop out of the mosaic as the concrete cures. Mosaic stepping stones are most functional when flat items are used; stones are difficult to walk on if they have raised elements.

Purchasing a mosaic kit allows a homeowner to try out mosaic work without making a large commitment. Most kits for making mosaic stepping stones include everything needed to complete a single stone. The list of mosaic kit items should include a base, tiles or glass pieces, adhesive, and grout. Some kits for mosaic stepping stones are not mosaic at all; they direct a user to pour concrete into a mold and then embed tile items to create a design. While these kits do create decorative items, the finished products are not true mosaic stepping stones.


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