What are Modular Cabinets?

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Modular cabinets are household or business cabinets that are designed to stack or link in some manner to create an ideal storage unit. Cabinets of this type may be used in such diverse settings as a kitchen, a den, a supply or storage area, or an office. In general, the installation of modular cabinets takes very little time and is a great way to maximize the use of linear and horizontal space.

A common example of this type of cabinet installation is in the kitchen. Modular kitchen cabinets can be cut to measure and secured in place with the greatest of ease. The units can be stacked to create a general storage area within the kitchen, or be attached to float above and below a kitchen counter. Because of the uniform sizing of the cabinetry, modular cabinets for kitchen remodeling can save a great deal of money while also offering a wide range of styles and colors.

In addition to use in kitchen design, modular cabinets can also be used to create an ideal entertainment center in a den. Stacking cabinets can be arranged to create perfectly sized sections for a television, DVD player, speakers, and any other audio-visual equipment that is desired. Available in all types of wood grains or other finishes, the modular units can easily be rearranged when and as necessary.


Businesses can also make use of modular cabinets. Because the units can be stacked, it is possible to make better use of limited floor space in areas where machine parts and supplies are stored, rooms where important files are kept, or even in work spaces such as cubicles or offices. Modular cabinet installation requires very little effort, other than making sure the stacked units are securely attached to each other and that each column of units are in turn secured to the wall, making it unlikely for the cabinets to fall once put into position.

Modular cabinets may be composed of wood, metal, resin products, or a combination of the three. The cabinets can be designed with drawers and compartments of varying sizes. If is not unusual for the modular units to be designed with movable shelving in each cabinet unit, making it very easy to customize the units for just about any storage need.

In terms of cost, modular cabinets are often a less expensive option than other storage options, while offering more versatility. Replacement of a damaged cabinet is also much simpler and cost efficient than replacing more traditional styles of cabinetry, and will easily provide just as many years of continual usage as other cabinet options.


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