What are Mobile Alerts?

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Mobile alerts are communication tools that allow people to share information efficiently and quickly by way of text messaging services. A text message is sent from one device to another and is generally received as a typewritten message. Many people find this to be a useful and fun means of communication.

One reason people typically enjoy receiving text messages is because they can easily access information without a great deal of disruption or obligation to engage in extended contact. With the press of a button, a person can generally read his message and then decide whether or not he wants to take any action. Often people like to send text messages is because they know that receivers tend to quickly acknowledge them. Senders can say what they need to say without having to engage in any conversational formalities and without getting sidetracked by other issues that could arise.

Text messages can be sent for any number of reasons. One friend may just want to say hello to another. A boyfriend may want to express loving sentiments to his girlfriend. Mobile alerts, however, generally make more formal use of text messaging services.


The idea with mobile alerts is to give people information that they want or need in a manner that is conducive to their lifestyles. The people who receive these types of messages usually asked for or agreed to receive them in advance. Mobile alerts benefit the senders because these people can send information to thousands of other people at once without dealing with any of them individually.

This technology can be one of the best tools to use when numerous people need to be informed on short notice. Although email is considered a high speed communication method, mobile alerts can be more effective. If there is a bomb threat in an office building, for example, the most effective way to notify staff who are en route is typically to send out a mobile alert.

Mobile alerts are used by many types of businesses for many different purposes. A department store may inform shoppers that the store is having a one day sale. Members of a fan club may be informed that their favorite artist has announced the release date for his upcoming album.

Many people use mobile alerts to stay informed. Users can subscribe to general news alert services to stay updated on breaking news, or personalize their alerts so that only news on a particular subject is sent. Alerts about weather or traffic conditions can also be a useful tool for commuters.

Some mobile alerts provide personalized information. Instead of thousands of people being informed of a sale, a single person may be informed that the results from a medical exam are available. Banks sometimes send mobile alerts that notify account holders of various transactions.


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