What are Military Exercises?

Dulce Corazon

Military exercises are fitness routines that generally use exercises, routines and drills that are similar to those the military uses in training and maintaining fitness in their men. These exercises are often performed outdoors. Most of these include intense routines that require a lot of space or room to maneuver. Due to the heavy physical activities involved in military exercises, they are often followed in order to quickly lose weight, gain endurance and strength, and also escape the monotony of usual gym exercises.

Military exercises involve rehearsing for military operations under realistic conditions.
Military exercises involve rehearsing for military operations under realistic conditions.

Types of military exercises can vary from mild cardiovascular workouts to heavy physical training. Military exercises can be categorized into several general fields such as special operations, law enforcement, and close combat, among many others. These categories often involve weight training, running, cardiovascular exercises, and diet.

Military exercises are commonly performed outdoors.
Military exercises are commonly performed outdoors.

The combination of a military exercise and a strict diet usually results in wonderful changes and improvements in one's body. It reduces the amount of fat in the body, stimulates the muscles, and maintains the density of bones when an individual starts losing weight. During exercise, endorphins are also being released inside the body. Endorphins are compounds that produce a sense of happiness and well-being in an individual.

Civilians may not usually get an authentic atmosphere of military exercises unless they sign up for military service. There are training programs, however, that are run by individuals from the military. These programs are the closest civilians can get in achieving the type of physical fitness training that the military is utilizing. Most of these training programs may appear too extreme for civilians who are just beginning to engage in fitness exercises.

Realistic military training programs usually offer very intense military exercises that train the body to improve movement and increase endurance. In the real military environment, military personnel often need to do fitness training as fast as possible so they can be ready for anything. Following the military exercise fitness routine often requires the individual to follow the military mindset as well. Dedication and patience are often needed in order for civilians who are intent on taking on military exercises.

Before starting a military fitness plan, it is frequently recommended that trained professionals be consulted first. With the right choice of military exercises and the willingness to stick with a particular diet and weight loss plan, getting into shape is often guaranteed. It may however, take several weeks before seeing the benefits from these routines.

Military exercises are typically broken down into sub-specialties, including close combat and law enforcement.
Military exercises are typically broken down into sub-specialties, including close combat and law enforcement.

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I have been doing a routine designed by the Israeli military for about 4 months now and I have seen incredible results. It combines weight training, with calisthenics, with endurance training.

I have lost 25 pounds and gained more muscle than I ever thought possible. I also feel great and have started to really get excited about my workout. I have never had results like this with any other training program I have tried.


Lots of workout books bill themselves as military style exercises, or boot camps. How can I find the actual workout that people in the armed service use?


Military routines typically produce incredible results in short amounts of time. That is because they are designed to actually work. The men and women in the military have a real and present need for strength, speed, and endurance. It is not about getting big, or getting cut. It is about making your body work as well as it possibly can for as long as it possibly can. That seems like the best possible goal from any workout.

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