What are Metallic Bubble Envelopes?

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Metallic bubble envelopes are eye-catching padded mailers that are made with a bright shiny foil-like material that mimics a metallic or luminescent sheen. The metallic foil is covered with a layer of transparent plastic, and the mailer itself is padded with plastic-formed bubbles. The bubble padding provides protection for the contents, making the mailer harder to fold or crease.

Metallic bubble envelopes will attract the attention of almost any recipient making them a popular choice for both direct mail and promotional mailings. Their bright, unique shine will pique the interest of even the most skeptical addressee. In fact, the bright colors and metallic quality make the mailer look more like a wrapped gift than an envelope. Because of this quality, metallic bubble envelopes are also perfect for sending gifts to family members and friends. To add some extra protection for photographs, certificates or important documents, you can insert a piece of stiff cardboard into the mailer to ensure it won't be bent.


Metallic bubble envelopes come in various sizes. The 7" x 5.75" (17.8cm x 14.6cm) mailer is perfect for holding two CD jewel cases. Is someone's birthday coming up? With a metallic bubble envelope you don't have to worry about gift-wrapping. Just place the CD's inside the mailer and place an address label on the front. Whether it's music, software or video games, the gift will stand out when it arrives with the mail. Metallic bubble envelops also come in other sizes including the roomy portfolio size of 12.75" x 9.25" (32.4cm x 23.5cm). You'll also have plenty of colors to choose from, with ruby red, glittering gold, gorgeous green, bright blue, or shimmering silver.

Metallic bubble envelopes are inexpensive, self-sealing and tough, designed to withstand the rigors of the postal service or a private shipping company. So the next time you need your mailing to stand out, to be festive, or to make someone feel special, consider a metallic bubble envelope for the job.


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