What are Medical Staff Services?

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Just as there are employment services for other industries, there are staffing services for the medical and health care community. Medical staff services provide supplemental health care personnel, nursing staff, paraprofessionals and allied support services to health care facilities. In many cases, medical staffing services work primarily within the health care network and are managed by former medical professionals who understand the skills and aptitudes needed to work in this very challenging industry.

When a medical professional is seeking part-time, full-time, temporary, or permanent work opportunities, the best approach is often to contract with a reputable medical staffing service. Medical staff services can be found in every community in the phone listings under employment services. The difference between general staffing firms and medical staffing firms is that medical staffing companies only work with candidates who have demonstrated the education and training to work in the medical field.

Since the health care industry is experiencing higher than normal growth rates and will continue to do so for many years to come, getting a job through a medical staff service will likely be fairly quick. There is a high demand for qualified medical professionals and support staff, so getting registered with a medical staff service can help experienced health care personnel land careers with regional facilities. There are even firms that provide opportunities specifically for medical transcriptionists and medical billing clerks. Medical staff services can aid newly graduated candidates with finding gainful employment.


In some areas, the medical staff services may be referred to as the medical service corps or the county medical services. These organizations recruit quality medical staff, emergency services personnel, nursing care, and medical administrative support agents for assignments in exchange for being reimbursed by clients for their search and placement fees. In some cases, the medical staff service may also provide training which leads to more prepared candidates.

Medical staff services can be a key component of a health care facility’s recruitment process, supporting internal human resource personnel with maintaining adequate levels of skilled professionals. In order to keep up with growth and demands within the health care market, having fast access to medical staff services can greatly increase the ability of a hospital to maintain excellent patient care. Medical staff services can easily become partners with hospital operations by providing experienced medical professionals whenever needed.


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