What Are Lucite® Displays?

A. Leverkuhn

Lucite® displays are products made of a kind of synthetic glass, and are common in many homes and commercial buildings. Lucite® is a sort of hardened acrylic resin; the name Lucite® is a trademark of Lucite International, Inc. It is generically known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Scientists continue to come up with solutions for using these synthetics to replace traditional silicate glass, where glass might present certain hazards or problems associated with its use. One of these is in commercial or household display items, such as stands, clear containers, as well as trophies and other decorative items.

Lucite displays are often used to display trophies or decorative items.
Lucite displays are often used to display trophies or decorative items.

Many manufacturers use Lucite® as a material for durable displays of all shapes and sizes. Industry professionals can point out aspects of this material that show how well Lucite® displays hold up over time. In general, these displays will not fade or discolor with age. They can stand up to high temperatures as well.

Another benefit of Lucite® displays is that these structures are not prone to cracking or other similar kinds of damage. Scratches can be repaired by professionals, and in general, these items are extremely durable. Thinner Lucite® displays may not be quite as durable or stand up to pressure as well as more solid items.

According to experts, Lucite® is completely inert in its solid form. This is part of what gives these displays; their ability to resist weathering over time. Though the material may not be appropriate for some uses, like microwavable bowls, Lucite® displays are useful in many homes.

Lucite® displays can be useful as jewelry holders, hardware boxes, tackle boxes or other containers for small pieces. They can be good home office containers or storage resources. These sturdy items can also be handy in a bathroom, and are commonly used to hold cosmetic or hygienic items.

Larger displays of Lucite® can be useful in a kitchen to hold food items or utensils. Other displays made out of this material can be made as standing garment racks or other holders for clothes or accessories. Other uses for these larger designs include additional uses for a garage or storage space, for various kinds of hardware like paint cans and paint accessories.

Lucite® displays can be found in just about any room of a house. It is true that there a number similar products made from other materials compete with Lucite®. Nevertheless, displays made from PMMA are still a frequent part of a widely varied catalog of display items.

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