What Are Low-Carb Stuffed Peppers?

B. Miller

Low-carb stuffed peppers are relatively easy to make, can be a great meal option, and they are easy to customize to different tastes as well. Though traditional stuffed pepper recipes often call for white rice or breadcrumbs, it is easy enough to omit these ingredients, and still end up with a delicious and filling meal. Some people substitute brown rice for white; though it's still a carbohydrate, it is a complex, whole-grain carb, and therefore much healthier. Others leave out the rice altogether, and simply prepare low-carb stuffed peppers with meat, vegetables, and cheese.

Feta cheese may be included in a low-carb stuffed pepper.
Feta cheese may be included in a low-carb stuffed pepper.

There are a number of different recipes for low-carb stuffed peppers to be found online, or it is easy to simply make up a recipe. It is best to begin with short, wide peppers; green peppers are often the best choice, but for those who find that they have too strong of a taste, yellow, orange or red peppers can certainly be used as well. Making stuffed peppers with a mix of different types can also make the meal look more colorful. Most people will simply then just cut the top off of the pepper, scoop out the seeds, and wash it thoroughly; it is then ready to be stuffed with the mixture.

Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil leaves.
Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil leaves.

It is common to prepare low-carb stuffed peppers with a flavorful meat and cheese mixture. Crumbled ground beef or ground sausage, first cooked in a pan with spices, makes an excellent choice for stuffed peppers. Diced tomatoes, sauteed in a pan with onion and garlic, can often make up the rest of the filling. These fillings may then be layered inside the peppers, with a preferred cheese in between each layer, similar to the way a lasagna is prepared. Mozzarella cheese or feta cheese are some of the most popular cheeses, but this is entirely based on taste preferences.

The low-carb stuffed peppers are then baked in a dish until the peppers soften a bit, they are heated through, and the cheese is melted on top. They are served hot, and some people serve them with a dish of marinara sauce on the side for a topping. These are a fairly healthy meal option, and can be made even healthier by substituting the ground beef or sausage with ground chicken or turkey. Some people leave out the meat altogether, and will stuff them with sauteed tofu or black beans in order to make a vegetarian meal.

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@raynbow- Another way to make low-carb stuffed peppers is to make them with a variety of vegetables as the stuffing. A combination of vegetables like onions, tomatoes, squash, cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli can be cut into small pieces and sauteed for extra flavor. Next, place the mixture in the peppers, sprinkle them with your favorite cheese, and bake for a delicious, low-carb and vegetarian dish.


@raynbow- I think that navy beans are great when used in any recipe that calls for black beans. They are softer and have a milder flavor. I also think that if you prepare the dried kind instead of using canned beans, your recipe will turn out better because they have more flavor and better consistency. Sometimes canned beans turn very mushy when used in recipes that call for baking.

All you have to do is soak dried navy beans overnight before cooking them to prepare them for stuffed peppers or any dish.


I want to make some low carb stuffed peppers for a vegetarian friend, but she doesn't like black beans or tofu. Does anyone have some suggestions for an alternative recipe?

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