What are Liposuction Injections?

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Liposuction injections are a non-surgical alternative to liposuction in which a solution is injected into fatty deposits of the body that is supposed eat away or “melt” the fat in those areas. Many spas and cosmetic surgeons have begun using these injections due to the appeal of no healing time. The popularity of liposuction injections is largely due to the treatment being non-surgical, and it is usually less costly than traditional liposuction.

The lipo-solutions used during liposuction injections are selective as they work. They are made to only melt or destroy fatty deposits, not other necessary and healthy cells in the body. This treatment does not work as quickly as surgical liposuction because the body must rid itself of the dissolved fat through natural processes, whereas surgical liposuction gets rid of it immediately. In an estimated 15 percent of patients, the injections do not work at all.

Most surgeons and spas offering liposuction injections caution that these treatments are intended for smaller fatty deposit areas. An average of 10 to 20 injections is required just for the treatment to be effective in one small area. The larger the area, the less effective the injection treatment is likely to be. Under the arms and the sides of the belly are the most common places to have liposuction injections. These injections cannot be used on certain parts of the body such as the face and neck.


Liposuction injections have received a lot of debate. There are only a couple of liposuction solutions which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but quite a few brands are being used which are not approved. Plenty of scientists and other medical professionals also state the treatment is temporary at best. Some even state liposuction injections are a waste of money. With studies supporting both sides of the debate, the ultimate verdict on their effectiveness is left to individual patients, spas and surgeons.

Most professionals that offer these injections caution their patients that the treatment is not a miracle cure. First, a patient should be 20 lbs. (44 kg) or less away from the “target weight.” There are also common and mild side effects like swelling and itching in the area of the treatment. This treatment should be incorporated into a healthy diet and exercise routine already in place. In order to keep the fat off, this routine must continue after the injections.


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