What Are Limousine Buses?

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Limousine buses are also known as "party buses." There are different sizes that are used to accommodate small to large groups. The interiors of limousine buses are often luxurious and feature the same amenities that a limousine would, in addition to other perks found in a night-club like setting.

Individuals can rent limousine buses through a transportation service that specializes in limousine rentals. The company often supplies limousine drivers to chauffeur party members around town and in-between certain destinations. It is a fun, luxurious way to hire a designated driver for celebrations that will involve alcohol.

Many limousine buses feature amenities such as televisions, microwaves, kitchens, bars and DVD players. Some of them feature creative interior lighting and decor that resembles a night club. Double decker party buses consist of two floors of seating and entertainment features, including dance floors and separate V.I.P. rooms. Some of the largest party buses can accommodate up to 70 people.

Smaller limousine buses do not feature as much space and seating as larger versions. They still incorporate much of the creative interior lighting and design featured on the larger vehicles. Regardless of size, the idea is to replicate a night club inside of a vehicle. Individuals can enjoy movies on wall-mounted LCD televisions, listen to music on MP3 players or play music through the bus's main speakers.


There are a variety of occasions and celebrations that may prompt people to rent limousine buses. Some may want to celebrate birthdays, weddings, bachelor parties and high school proms on a party bus. Others may do it for the novelty, experience, or for miscellaneous celebrations. It is a convenient way to keep the celebration going for occasions that require individuals to travel to several locations, such as a prom.

Some corporations also use limousine buses when corporate executives tour a certain region or location. The transportation is designed to impress the executives and make them comfortable while traveling from one location to the next. For example, market tours that involve visiting several retail locations often involve some extensive local travel between stores on the tour. Hiring a driver allows those on the tour to relax and examine market data about the separate locations while in transit.

Limousine rental rates can vary between service providers, the size of the bus and the type of amenities desired. Some of these buses come pre-loaded with ice, alcohol and butler service. The rental costs are also determined by the travel distance and number of hours the bus is in use.


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