What are Light-Up Glasses?

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Light-up glasses are various types and styles of drinking glasses designed to illuminate while in use, often with a wide array of lights and purposes behind such lighting. Everything from wine glasses and mugs to shot glasses and regular drinking glasses can be found with different types of lighting, though light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are common. There are a number of other accessories that can be used with these types of glasses as well, such as light-up ice cubes and glow in the dark drinking straws. Light-up glasses can also refer to eyeglasses that feature various forms of illumination as well.

Sometimes called LED drinking glasses, light-up glasses are usually used at parties and other occasions in which illuminated drinking vessels can be fun and advantageous. At smaller gatherings, the coloration of such glasses can be used to identify the drinker of the glass, with each person receiving a glass of a different color. Other, larger, venues typically use such glasses for novelty and to make the experience of drinking from such light-up glasses more fun.


Light-up glasses can come in many different shapes and colors, though common colors include red, green, blue, orange, and purple. Such glasses can be designed as shot glasses, wine glasses with long stems, large mugs, and standard drinking glasses. The bases of such glasses will usually contain lights in them, which then illuminate the rest of the glass and the liquid within it, though some light-up glasses feature lights throughout the sides of the glass as well.

A number of different accessories to go with light-up glasses are also commonly available. Light-up ice cubes are typically made from clear materials that can be frozen and will hold a chill for a relatively long time. Within these cubes are lights that will often flash or blink. There are also drinking straws made from materials that glow in the dark, so that the straw and glass can more easily be seen illuminated together.

Light-up glasses can also be eyeglasses, usually for novelty purposes. These glasses are often called LED glasses, due to the use of LEDs for illumination, and colored lights are often placed throughout the frames. Some of these glasses use lights aimed toward the eyes of a wearer, however, to help individuals with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or to regulate sleep schedules for people with insomnia or suffering from jet lag due to travel.


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