What are Lift Chairs?

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Lift chairs are specialized types of furniture designed to assist people in and out of a sitting position. Lift chairs look like other upholstered chairs, but they are constructed with a motor that moves the chair up or down. When you want to get out of the chair, you push a button and the motor tilts the chair into a standing position so you can simply walk out of the chair. When you want to sit down, your weight as you lean into the chair triggers the mechanism and the motor engages, lowering you and the chair into the sitting position.

There are many reasons people may need the assistance of a lift chair. Most people who use them have some sort of physical disability and have lost the strength in either their upper or lower body. People with conditions such as: knee and hip conditions; arthritis, Parkinson's; rheumatism; Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS); accidental injury; muscular dystrophy; post-operative conditions; neuromuscular disease; and degenerative joint disease can benefit from a lift chair. They can be helpful in prolonging the quality of life because the regular exertion of getting up and down can lead to inactivity - a major factor in further muscle tone decline.


Automatic lift chairs also act as an aid to caregivers. Rather than having to help someone in and out of a chair, the lift chair performs all the lifting - eliminating the hard work that can cause back strain and sore muscles to the caregiver.

Lift chairs come in a wide selection of fabrics, colors, sizes, styles and prices. Most lift chairs resemble a regular upholstered easy chair, but many are also available as recliners, sofas, or chairs that can completely recline to double as a bed. Some are available with matching ottomans.

When shopping for a lift chair, it is important to consider the size and height of the individual who will be using the chair; the depth and width of the seat and the height of the back should fit the individual. Most lift chairs can accommodate a person weighing up to 350 pounds (158.76kg), but some can be ordered to suit heavier individuals.

Although lift chairs are powered by electricity through electrical cords, most also come with a backup battery pack in case the power goes out. For additional therapeutic effects, some lift chairs come with built-in heating and massage units.


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