What are Lefty Scissors?

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Lefty scissors are scissors that are designed for optimal use by people who are left handed. Left hand dominance occurs naturally and is found in seven to ten percent of the population. People who are left handed or left hand dominant write, eat, play sports leading with their left side.

In order to use certain tools more effectively, they are modified for people who are left handed. Lefty scissors are designed to have the cutting blade on the top when being held in the left hand. This modification makes it significantly easier for a left handed person to use scissors with accuracy and skill. Standard scissors are designed for right handed use, with the cutting blade on the top while being held in the right hand.

Repeated use of right handed scissors by a left handed person can result in calluses, tender skin and poor quality cutting. Lefty scissors may cost slightly more than right handed scissors and can usually be purchased from an office supply store. If they cannot be found, look on the Internet for a left handed specialty store. This type of store carries a wide array of products specifically designed for the left handed person. The types of products available include manual can openers, baseball gloves, sporting equipment, coil-bound notebooks and more.


The history of left handedness is not a happy one. Although a certain percentage of the human population has always been left handed, it was not generally well accepted. At one point, it was not uncommon for teachers to tie the left hand down in order to force the student to learn to write with their right hand. This was still a common practice in both North America and Europe in the early 1970s.

The determination of which hand is dominant is hereditary and is not something that can be changed. The preference for left or right hand can be identified by observing which thumb an infant prefer to suck. This may switch over time, but it is generally accepted as a good indicator of preference.

It is possible to obtain a full set of lefty scissors, garden shears, specialty knives and other tools designed for left hand usage. In addition to these more typical items, specialized products such as a modified keyboard, mouse, watch and tape measure are become more popular. Although left handed customers are a minority, the growth of the Internet and expanded access to global markets has greatly increased the ability of specialty stores to reach a broader number of customers and is resulting in more innovation and product creation.


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