What are Leather Sectionals?

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Leather sectionals are couches that come in modular segments. Not sure whether to get a sofa sleeper or a couch with reclining seats and footrests? The beauty of a sectional is that you don't have to decide. You can enjoy a variety of seating options in one piece of furniture.

Some common pieces that may be found in leather sectionals:

  • Couches and love seats — two or three cushions, arranged in a straight line, they are available with a single arm or no arms so that they may be placed anywhere within the sectional
  • Sleeper sofa — the basic couch with a fold-out bed
  • Corner pieces — the equivalent of two seats without any armrests, they are slightly curved to be placed in the corner and combine other sectional pieces
  • Chair — these will come with an arm on one side, so that they can be placed at the end of the sectional
  • Recliner chairs — a reclining segment with a footrest, may also be contained with a couch or love seat piece
  • Chaise lounge — these are available facing both right and left and will be placed on the end of the sectional

With three or more pieces, the most common combination, leather sectionals form a half-circle shape. With this shape, they are often placed in a corner of the room, but of course that's not necessary. They can be especially attractive and useful as part of a home theater set-up.

Since leather sectionals come in pieces, they can be easier to move than other couches, whether you're rearranging your living room or moving to a new home. By their nature, sectionals also allow for future expansion.

While it is certainly possible to create sectionals from other materials, leather makes for a classier and more durable piece of furniture. In many cases, leather sectionals are seen as an investment. Leather sectionals can be expensive because of their sheer size, but just as with any other type of furniture, there are economical brands and options.


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