What are Lat Machines?

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Lat machines are pieces of exercise equipment that allow a person to work the upper body muscles. Lat machines help strengthen triceps, biceps, pectorals, and shoulder muscles. Lat machines can also help strengthen the back muscles. The work out can be very simple, but the effects of this form of exercise are almost immediate.

On the downside, lat machines do very little for leg muscles. Additional attachments can be purchased to help solve that issue, but the attachments can be costly and awkward to use. If a person is looking for a complete workout routine, lat machines should be used in addition to other pieces of equipment.

Typically, lat machines contain up to 200 pounds (90.7 kg) in weights. They also contain a seat and knee brace. The user sits on the seat area and places his or her knees under the padded knee brace. A bar shaped like a T is located above the seat. This T-shaped bar is on a pulley system, which attaches the bar to the weights.

Using a selection system, the user sets the weights to the level he or she wishes to lift. Reaching above the seat, the user grabs hold of each side of the T-bar and pulls it straight down. This action engages the pulleys, which lift the weights.


Prices for lat machines can vary greatly, but on average, a person can expect to spend between 200 and 800 US dollars (USD). The price is largely dependent on the weight range and features of the lat machine. The basic price includes only the machine.

Manufacturers strongly encourage using lat machines on a factory recommended safety mat. These mats prevent lat machines from sliding. They also help cushion the user while performing rowing machine style exercises. The mat alone can cost an additional 100 USD. Adding a wider array of weights to the machine typically costs 200 USD extra, while purchasing additional T-bars can range from 30 to 50 USD.


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