What are Kitchen Cabinet Organizers?

Sheri Cyprus

Kitchen cabinet organizers are shelves, drawers, bins, racks or other pieces that fit into cabinets in kitchens to allow for convenient storage. Organizers help divide kitchen cabinets so items can be found easily. There are many types of kitchen cabinet organizers available today.

Trash and recycling bins are often placed in cabinets that are located under the kitchen sink.
Trash and recycling bins are often placed in cabinets that are located under the kitchen sink.

For tall pantry kitchen cabinets, wire basket cabinet organizers tend to work well. The baskets fit under pantry shelves and slide out for easy access. Having the baskets attach underneath the shelves can still leave shelf space for larger items. For example, a baking area may include storage jars of flour, sugar and other staples on a shelf, while smaller baking supplies could fit into the basket drawers below.

Measure the space before beginning to install organizational accessories.
Measure the space before beginning to install organizational accessories.

The Lazy Susan is a popular type of cabinet organizer for corner kitchen cabinets. It consists of a center pole with round shelves attached. Rather than having to reach way back inside a corner cabinet to get either food items or cookware, an individual simply has to spin the Lazy Susan to easily select the wanted item.

The one type of kitchen cabinet organizer that can be found in most kitchens is a cutlery holder. The traditional inexpensive type is made of plastic molded in the shape of spoons, knives and forks. More modern kitchen cabinet organizers for cutlery include rectangular metal mesh baskets with divider walls.

Recycling bins can be installed under the kitchen sink or in a closet to organize and hold recycled containers. Other types of kitchen cabinet organizers are pull-out spice jar holders. Some of the kitchen cabinets in newer homes now come with pull-out styles of drawers that have installed wire basket shelf organizers. These are often excellent for storing bottles and jars of food as well as canned goods.

Small rectangular open plastic or metal containers arranged together in different patterns make a good solution for a large, shallow drawer. These inexpensive, little kitchen cabinet organizers can be selected to suit each home's storage needs. They could hold food package clips or ties as well as many other items including kitchen utensils or scissors. Using these kinds of organizers for kitchen drawers can eliminate the "junk drawer" look.

Kitchen cabinet organizers made to fit underneath the sink can be especially handy. Bins or stacked removable shelves can hold supplies such as dish washing soaps, while smaller organizers can keep scrubbing pads at the ready. Racks installed inside kitchen sink cupboards can neatly store dishtowels.

Kitchen cabinet organizers can help maximize kitchen space.
Kitchen cabinet organizers can help maximize kitchen space.

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@MaPa - I am a franchisee. I got laid off like so many other people, and a friend pointed this opportunity out to me. I'm glad I did it.

You see, everyone has at least kitchen storage cabinets. Most of them are messy. Some people have huge fancy kitchens that are a big mess. Same with closets and garages. I literally have every house in America as a potential customer.

I never would have even held myself out as a really organized person before all of this. But once I learned how to use the organizers and plan everything out, it's worked really well.


@horsebite - I have seen a business like this in a magazine. Are you a franchisee? Or is it your business and you sell franchises to others?


I just saw a commercial for a tiny little organizer for spice bottles that fits on a cabinet shelf. There are two parts to it, and they pull out and swing around each other. It makes way more sense than the dusty box full of spice bottles I have in my pantry.


So many people buy really expensive cabinets and then just cram them full of stuff with no real though to maximizing their available space. I consider kitchen cabinet organization to be an art form, and I actually make part of my living this way.

I have a business that organizes kitchen cabinets, closets, and garages. It is really amazing how much you can fit in a space if you set it up properly. We can take the most messed up house with no storage whatsoever and find a place for everything.

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