What Are Kids' Cosmetics?

Patti Kate

Kids' cosmetics consist of everything from skin care products to lipstick, all designed to be used safely by children. Some types of kids' cosmetics are labeled as toy products, as they are designed to be used for playing dress up and participating in role-playing games. Halloween make-up kits are considered cosmetics for children. Kids' cosmetic sets for young girls usually come packaged with a child-size lipstick or tube of lip gloss, sparkly eyeshadow, and facial powder. Typically, kids' cosmetics are made with natural flavors and essences, created to be used on a child's sensitive skin.

Kids' cosmetics can include skin care products.
Kids' cosmetics can include skin care products.

Not all kids' cosmetics are designed for play. Some children's cosmetics are created to care for a child's skin. For example, kids' sunscreen can provide protection from the harmful effects of sun exposure. Most sunscreen products created for children are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. These children's cosmetics are less likely than other cosmetics to produce negative side effects, such as skin allergies. Lip balms made with gentle protective ingredients to protect against sun damage are another type of cosmetics for kids.

Almond oil can be used to soothe childrens' dry skin.
Almond oil can be used to soothe childrens' dry skin.

Personal hygiene products are also considered kids' cosmetics. Shampoos and conditioners made for children are typically less irritating than the versions created for adults and won't sting if splashed into the eye. Shampoos for children are often referred to as tear-free formulas. Children's soaps generally contain gentle or all-natural ingredients, and no harsh chemicals.

Sunscreen for children is one type of kids' cosmetic.
Sunscreen for children is one type of kids' cosmetic.

In addition to make up and personal hygiene products, kids' cosmetics may include cologne and after-bath splash. Bubble bath and bath oil products are often packaged as a cosmetic gift pack for children. Botanical ingredients and essential oils are often used in children's bath oils and soaps. Colognes are designed for both girls and boys, and typically are targeted for children between the ages of 10-13. Kids' colognes are generally made with natural fragrances and oils, in place of synthetic chemicals.

Cosmetics for children also include non-toxic nail polish in various colors. These types of kids' cosmetics are free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and acetate. Instead of using alcohol, children's nail polish is generally water-based.

Many parents prefer to make homemade kids' cosmetics with their children. This is a good way to ensure the safest ingredients are used for children's cosmetic products. Almond oil and beeswax are two ingredients that may be used to soothe chapped lips in children. Children's facial cleansing cosmetics can also be made using fresh organic strawberries. Additionally, natural aloe vera may be used to create skin lotions for children.

Some colognes are made for children.
Some colognes are made for children.

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@Ivan83 - You make some good points but I don't think that a little girl's childhood is ruined just because she fooled around with some makeup. I also don't think it means she will turn out to be a high maintenance beauty queen.

My daughter loved makeup when she was younger. On rainy days I would let her play around with my old makeup and I taught her a few simple techniques. Now she is 26 and she almost never wears makeup. She favors the natural look and it definitely suits her. So her early taste for makeup didn't lead to a life long addiction.


I have a friend who buys all kinds of kid's cosmetics for her 7 year old daughter and I just don't understand it. You have your whole life to agonize over the way you look. When you are a young kid it is one of the few times in your life when you will fell completely comfortable in your own skin. Why corrupt that by encouraging your daughter to have a beauty regiment like an adult woman?

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